Why You Should Buy The LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Coding Kit

Why You Should Buy The LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Coding Kit.

The LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Coding Kit is an amazing masterpiece that comes with a LEGO Move Hub, a distance sensor, an interactive motor, and over 845 LEGO pieces to help your kid learn how to code and build interactive models. This toy is one of the incredible options you can get in the market that natures creativity in your kids and brings out the genius in them.

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The LEGO-BOOST is compatible with Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows 10 devices with BLE-4.1 and later versions. The LEGO Boost app is also available in the Amazon App store. The design architecture of the LEGO-Boost has seen its popularity rise as the sales keep progressing.

This model provides five different robot-kits that promote cohesion, team building and versatility in the learning environment. The learning app has an easy-to-use interface that turns coding into an entertaining game that even the pre-literate kids can enjoy.

What it offers

With this model, you can build 5 robots; the humanoid Vernie, musical Guitar-4000, Frankie-the-cat, M.I.R forklift and a robotic Auto-Builder. Progressive coding is recommended for a good mastery of how the kit works. The simple design of the Boost App enhances a balance between deep coding and fun.

The app is targeted for kids in the age bracket of 7-12 years. The software, is, however, so intuitive and even the most innocent of kids can start engaging their minds within some minutes of interacting with the system. The coding process begins with some little buggy challenges after which one can unlock the five robots.

Each has its own levels, for example; Vernie has 3 challenge levels- first to build him then use the basic functions. The second level is to add a rocket-launcher to his body before programming him to shoot.

Benefits to your kids

When kids are exposed to the coding world, they instantly acknowledge how digital technology works. They can confirm that technology isn’t magic, instead, it’s a resource they have within reach and they can create amazing programs. Knowing what happens under the hood of any modern technology is one way of equipping their thinking, reasoning and creative skills.

LEGO Boost toolbox is the one doing the magic here, it opens a world of possibilities to your kids where they can imagine, code and actualizes a model that’s relatable in the real world.

Technical skills like algorithmic and structural thinking are also enhanced in the process. Your kids also learn how to anticipate and avoid problems. Problem-solving skills and perseverance are of great relevance in their entire lives.

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You can get this product at an amazing price backed up with a lifetime-limited warranty.