What Makes FurReal Munchin’ Rex So Adorable Among The Kids

FurReal Munchin’ Rex…

Looking for the FurReal Munchin’ Rex for Christmas 2018? In that case, we would like to inform you that this FurReal Munchin’ Rex actually happens to be an adorable and funny baby dino with a great appetite in spite of being a picky eater at the same time.

In case you have toddlers in your residence, you have probably come across this cute toy at some point or other. As a matter of fact, it is imperative for every kid to have one or two toys like the furReal Munchin’ Rex mentioned here.

You will come across numerous toys on the market all of which come in different shapes, sizes, and brands as well. However, the FurReal Munchin’ Rex is one product that every child will feel attracted to.

furReal Munchin’ Rex
List Price: $49.99
Price Disclaimer

Let us delve a bit deeper into this comprehensive FurReal Munchin’ Rex review that will help to justify its popularity at present.

Regarding Furreal Friends:

Furreal Friends Munchin Rex, which was launched in the year 2002, happens to be a toy division of Dreamright Toys, Tiger Electronics, and Hasbro. Being some sort of robotic toys, these include playthings like cats, dinosaurs, and so on and they are likewise available in various sizes.

The good thing is that every kid will be able to hold these toys in their hands easily and there are also some toys that can be ridden by the toddlers too. While these are going to cost somewhere between $10 and $300, all of them will move in an identical fashion. Consequently, if you kid adores the playthings from FurReal Friends, there is a high probability for him or her to fall for Munchin’ Rex as well.

What does Munchin’ Rex eat?

The real question that might come to your mind is that what exactly does Munchin’ Rex munch on? As a matter of fact, this guy prefers his own broccoli stick along with a piece of meat.

Although it is plastic, it is okay for the kids to just pretend. Apart from this, he will likewise have his personal toy bottle given that little dinos must consume adequate milk for strengthening their bones.

One thing that deserves special mention here is that Munchin’ Rex has the unique ability to assert how his bottle actually differs from his treats.

On top of this, this fellow comes with more than 35 combinations of audio and motion which aid in making him all the more adorable. In fact, you will find the sensors right on his head as well as his mouth.


Thus, after going through the info mentioned above, we can rightly declare that FurReal Munchin’ Rex will never disappoint any toddler who wants to spend some quality time with toys.

In case you would like to go for this amazing toy for your little one, make it a point to visit Amazon.com where you will get this stuff at a relatively reduced price.

Moreover, Amazon will take the responsibility of shipping the toy right at your doorsteps within a few days only.

furReal Munchin’ Rex
List Price: $49.99
Price Disclaimer

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