What Do You Get With the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid?

The Force Awakens fans are brimming with excitement over the release of the movie’s BB-8 droid that can roll and find balance by itself. When they first saw the droid’s beautiful spherical design and how its head floats and surprisingly never falls off, they were awestruck, and everybody wanted one. So, exactly what do you get with the Sphero BB-8 star wars droid? 


BB-8 droid’s body is wrapped in elaborate graphics that are very durable. Users who’ve had the opportunity to own the toy report that the droid often ran into furniture and walls, but there still wasn’t a single scratch on its body. That means the toy can easily survive whichever dangers and perils that lurk in your office or home.  

Self-Righting Mechanism 

Sphero Stars BB-8 Droid has a self-righting mechanism on the inside that permits it to propel itself. The self-righting mechanism works in a similar fashion with the giant inflatable spheres in the movies where someone climbs the walls of the sphere to keep it rolling. For the droid to steer itself forward, backward or sideways, it has a vertical support that holds its head in position with the aid of a magnet.  

The magnet will strongly hold onto the head if the Sphero Stars BB-8 Droid accidentally runs into something, but it might pop-off if the droid tries to roll under something that doesn’t have enough room. But that is no worry as it is easy to reattach the head to the spherical body. You shouldn’t be worried about the tiny antennas, either. There is little risk of them snapping in case of a collision as they are made from flexible plastic.  

Induction Charging 

With three hours of charge, you get an hour of playtime. To charge the Sphero Stars BB-8 Droid , you simply set it on an included base and it will automatically start charging.  

An Accompanying App 

The droid is accompanied with an app that is well laid out, very easy to use and responsive. You don’t need to sit through long tutorials to master using the app with the Droid. However, there is a manual that guides through every step of the way- but you can comfortably do without it.  

Easy to Use 

After the droid is fully charged, activate Bluetooth on your device, launch the accompanying app and the connection between the device and the Droid will happen automatically. Once the droid and the mobile device are connected, you have a choice of three different modes of play, which are message, drive or patrol.

Patrol is the toy’s autonomous mode. But since it doesn’t have onboard sensors, the droid will crash into feet, walls and furniture as it explores space. However, if you keep tabs on its speed and direction, the accompanying app will permit the droid to learn the space well and, therefore, build a basic map of the room so it can later avoid obstacles it has already run into.  

To bring the Sphero Stars BB-8 Droid to life and express its personality, you can trigger a string of pre-programmed animated movements and responses with just the push of a button in the BB-8’s Drive mode.  

Augmented Reality 

The toy also uses augmented reality to mimic holographic messaging capabilities of the sphere in the Star Wars movie. This augmented reality feature allows you to record a message using your device’s front-facing camera and simply point the device towards the droid, and your message will be projected from its tiny head- if you are looking through the device’s screen.  

There is a lot more you can get from the toy, just click here to buy the Sphero Stars BB-8 Droid from Amazon.com so you can do what is explained here and much more.

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