The FurReal Munchin T Rex

Your Kids Will Love FurReal Munchin T Rex This Christmas

If you have kids, then you probably know by now how important their toys are to them. In most cases, each toy signifies a pleasant memory or a rare season of the year. Kids never forget the season that brought them their favorite toy.

This why you need to make this Christmas even more special by getting your child one of the best toys in the market currently.

Ever heard of FurReal Friends?

Well if you haven’t… they are the makers of some of the coolest toys available in the toy market today. However, a new product in their line of toy collection called the Munchin Rex is making all the waves recently.

Popularly known as the FurReal Friends ‘Munchin’ Rex, this toy brings a level realism that your kids may never have imagined before.

This is why we are sure that your kids will be absolutely blown away this Christmas when you present them with a nicely packed box of the lovely FurReal T-Rex.

Since the cute T-Rex is still new in the market, we have compiled 3 Reasons Your Kids Will Love The FurReal Munchin’ Rex This Christmas.

1. Highly Interactive: Nowadays, kids want a toy that they can relate with; a toy that responds and also shows signs of mood changes… the T-Rex gives you all that and even more. The FurReal Munchin Rex is packed with over 35+ sound and motion strategies. It also has sensors fitted neatly into its cheek, mouth, paw, nose, and back making it highly interactive and fun to play with.

2. Different Play Options: Asides making the T-Rex to give off amazing reflexes, Kids can also feed it with treats as rewards for displaying amazing tricks. However, don’t expect it show some manners as it tends to make random noises as it enjoys the amazing treat. This gives room for different play options and kids can stay busy with their favorite toy for longer hours without getting bored.

Kids can also make the T-Rex do more fun stuff by shaking its paws, and maybe flipping its bones.

3. The T-Rex is Best Cuddle Buddy: After a fun-filled day, the FurReal ‘Munchin’ can be the perfect cuddle buddy for any child. The design and body structure of this cute dinosaur makes it the perfect pet for endless snuggles.

FurReal toys are powered by batteries which are always part of the toy package when it is delivered. The ‘Munchin’ Rex is available on online store and should top your shopping list when you go to get toys for your kids this coming Christmas season.