Pokemon Z-Ring Set Features

If you are interested in enhancing your gaming experiences, you should consider getting the Pokemon Z-Ring set. This is a wearable accessory that is designed and built to augment video game plays. In essence, the Z-Ring is a wrist device which has technology capable of tracking activities in the virtual world of Pokemon. The objective of the product is to capture your imagination as a trainer and help you experience a realistic feel of the battles. Here is a brief description of the important Pokemon Z-Ring set features. 

Multimedia Features 

The Z-Ring wrist device is designed to track moves made during the video game plays and respond through some multimedia features. These reactions will create a 4D feeling; you will experience the in-game virtual moves in real life. Basically, the Z-Ring will light up when a Z-Move is used in the pertinent gaming program. Z-moves are special plays that are used in the Pokemon battles. The wrist strap will also vibrate and produce appropriate sounds that reflect the cybernetic world. 

Video Game Synchronization 

The Pokemon Z-Ring set allows for efficient synchronization of video games so that the player will feel the power of their battle moves. The technology incorporated into the ring is compatible with the new video games that have been released within the Pokemon series. You will get the best experience by linking up your wearable device with Nintendo 3DS family systems, particularly Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Additionally, if you are a fun of role play and cosplay, you will find that this will improve your enjoyment. You can simulate your gaming actions and bring the battle play into reality using the buttons on the Z-Ring. These will allow you to light up the wrist band, initiate vibrations and produce sounds even without a connection to video games. 


The Pokemon Z-Ring comes with crystals which are responsible for the lighting features in the product when playing. These crystals are known as Z-Crystals. Basically, each crystal will produce a specific type of light and sound, depending on the in-game move that you will have used. There are unique crystals for each type of element in the world of Pokemon that will correspond with your games.

For example, if you are using an electric type move and you have inserted an electric Z-crystal it will respond. If you change to a fire move, a different crystal will light up. There are eighteen Z-Crystals that you can use with your new wearable technology. The Z-Ring is capable of handling up to six additional types of Z-Crystals at any given time with the active one still in place. 

Included Items

The Pokemon Z-Ring package has the Z-Ring wrist band and three Z-Crystals. As mentioned, there are eighteen different types, so you can collect the other fifteen crystals for a fulfilling gaming experience. You will also get a Pikachu figure, about two inches tall, as part of the set. AAA batteries are required to power the video game connection and multimedia functions of the wrist accessory, and they are included when you purchase the product. Click here to buy the Pokemon Z-Ring set from Amazon.com to enjoy all these features.

Pokemon Z-Ring Set
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