Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset Review

Oculus Quest 2

When I first looked at these joysticks, I was wondering what the circles are for and it turns out they’re to protect your hands. I’ve hit these things against my desk several times: already and they hold up pretty well The controllers, use a proprietary wireless connection, so you can’t connect your computer to it.

The cable measures in at 40 inches or a little over a meter This isn’t quite long enough for USB tethering but. It’s definitely long enough for regular charging. As for setup, the manual really doesn’t say much, but there are a bunch of online guides.Virtual Reality. Oasis has done a pretty good job of that so I’ll leave a link to his video down in the description below

As for battery life, I’m able to get about 2 hours per charge and charge time is also about 2 hours. Alright, that’s enough specs. Let’s see what this thing can actually do.

Let’s start with Beat Saber.

If you’re wondering, this game is like Rock Band except with light sabers, The goal is to slash through the boxes as they come toward you. I played this for an hour straight and it was very comfortable. One thing I did notice about this game is that I get dropped frame rates when using bluetooth headphones And after looking around it turns out the Quest 2.

Doesn’t support. Bluetooth very well, VR also brings a whole new level of immersion for first person, shooters. In Pavlov reloading is really cool, It’s a whole sequence of actions and coordination, but the game does cause motion sickness Here when I walk around my eyes – are saying that I’m moving. But my ears and body are saying: I’m stationary And it’s these conflicting signals that make my brain all confused. I was able to last about five minutes before having to put the headset down

Some games like rec room try to remedy this issue by adding a binocular effect when moving. It helps a bit, but I still experience some motion. Sickness.Another alternative is to completely remove the motion altogether, like in Half-Life. Here movement is done by teleporting and personally. I like this implementation, the best, but it doesn’t quite feel natural. Ideally the best solution would be to somehow trick my ears and body into thinking that I’m moving

But until that happens. Movement is always going to be an issue. Besides VR games, there’s also 2D games that can be streamed from the desktop PC Here. I’M using an app called Virtual Desktop because I found it to be the best for playing wirelessly. Moving.

The cards around feels responsive but when. I shake the cards around, it doesn’t feel very smooth. I have all the settings at 120 hertz so. It might have to do with the transmit rate, of the controllers.

Either way it’s definitely a worth while experience. I tried out a few other games and it was pretty much the same big screen experience. The only main complaint I have is that the. Colors on the Quest 2 are very flat. That is to say it doesn’t look as vibrant as my monitors.

guess. This is where Facebook decided to cut corners to keep the cost low.
To some people this might not matter, but for scenic games: like Horizon 5, then it takes away from the experience. One of the most underrated applications is videos. The Youtube VR app, there’s dedicated channels for 360 degree content like AirPano VR.

You get to fly over waterfalls, mountains and all sorts of scenic areas And words really can’t describe how impressive. This is maybe the biggest downside is that Youtube, only streams up to 4k and the colors look a bit washed out Now, 8k 120hz VR content does exist, but they’re mostly found on novelty sites. There’s also an option for regular 2Dcontent and just like gaming. It feels like you’re watching it on a really big screen.

This could be extremely useful if you live in a crowded, dorm and just don’t have the space to mount a projector, but one of the use cases that’s really caught my eye is productivity.
The dream would be to get rid of my desk setup and work anywhere in my house.

Oculus announced AirLink, which is a program that mirrors. A pc, wirelessly Unfortunately AirLink does require a pretty powerful system and good internet connections. The other issue is that the resolution is just too low to do. Actual work, Small texts don’t get rendered well and there’s not much. You can do about that. The interface is also clunky. And here’s me trying to do a quick search.

Facebook has also launched another program, called Horizon Workrooms. This is basically an office environment simulator. Here I only get a single monitor, but you can still remote into my pc and. Instead of a virtual keyboard. I have to use a combination of hand, gestures and a bluetooth keyboard. It’s a neat idea, but the sensors don’t pick up on hand, gestures very well. Unfortunately, it’s still in beta so there’s still a lot of missing features, but it shows promise – and I hope to test it out in the future.

Now one thing that doesn’t get mentioned much is the, hidden cost of owning this device Games, like Beat, Saber, typically costs $ 35CAD or $ 30USD and you. Don’t even get all the songs. For those you have to purchase them extra, You can also get hardware upgrades for the Quest 2, like a more comfortable elite, strap If you want to connect to Steam VR, then you’ll either need a long, USB cable or use Virtual Desktop for wireless connections, and of course, there’s custom lenses. If you wear glasses My point is to get the most out, of the headset, you have to buy into the ecosystem.

Alright. That was a lot of information. So let’s summarize.

The Quest 2 starts at $ 300USD, making a great entry point to try out VR The unit can run standalone, so there’s no tethering or base stations involved, There’s consistent updates and it’s already received a bunch of new features since launch. VR brings a wholenew level of immersion to games and video, but it’s a double-edged sword and can cause motion sickness. As for the negatives, the Quest 2 does require a phone and an online account for setup which can cause privacy concerns.

There’s only three settings for the inner pupil distance, so it won’t fit properly if you’re way outside of that range, compared to 2D there’s very limited content for VR games and videos, productivity is still in the rough and will have to wait a few years of development, before it matures.

Finally, there’s a bunch of hidden costs which can quickly add up Overall. The Quest 2 is an amazing device, even if you don’t play any games Getting to experience. The latest VR technology is worth the $300 price tag I personally like using mine to play Beat Saber and watch nature documentaries.


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