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Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailers Review

Metabo HPT 18V cordless framing nailers

When it concerns battery-powered framing nailers– nailers that only utilize a battery and not gas cartridges– there are only a handful of players currently on the marketplace. We reached test the Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailers, including the NR1890DRM as well as NR1890DCSM. These include a 3-1/2 ″ 18V cordless 21 ° plastic strip framing nailer and 30 ° paper looked at nailer.

Metabo HPT also makes the near-identical NR1890DCSM which is the paper-collated variation. This Hitachi cordless mounting nailer has some quite awesome features. I want to go over those along with several of the screening we did while framing up a house movie theater riser.

Hitachi transformed their name to Metabo HPT in North America. A number of their tools, like these Metabo HPT 18V cordless framing nailers, have simply been rebranded with the new logo and are or else unchanged.

Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailers Overview

So right up front, these Metabo HPT cordless framework nailers operate exclusively on battery power. However that battery powers virtually the same kind of system their pneumatically-driven nailers make use of. Metabo HPT calls this their Air Spring Drive System. It uses a closed pressed air cyndrical tube to terminate the nail. Generally, the brushless motor drives the piston to make sure that it presses the air into the cyndrical tube. When you shoot, all that compressed air is released, driving the piston down and also striking the nail into the timber. This is really different from a flywheel system that needs the motor to remain at speed in order to drive a nail.

That might seem like a lengthy procedure, but it’s not. In fact, the brushless motor does it’s job also before the trigger is drawn. That indicates that when you discharge the nailer, the fastener is driven instantly with absolutely no lag. It’s frequently in a ready state to drive the next nail. The process is quick sufficient to drive 2 nails per 2nd and the recoil really feels about the same as an excellent pneumatically-driven nailer.

Metabo HPT NR1890DRM Features:

Toenail Range

Now, in regards to what you can fire, both the Metabo HPT NR1890DRM and also 1890DCSM Cordless Framing Nailers accept 2 ″ up to 3-1/2 ″ nails in either clipped or countered round head. The DR design utilizes 21 ° plastic collected strip bolts. The DC variation takes 30º paper strip nails. The paper variation likewise holds about 10 even more nails due to the difference in spacing from plastic. On either tool, you’ll just get a single full magazine filled at one time. When the last nail is discharged, the framing nailer has a dry fire lockout to let you understand you require to reload.

Utilizing the Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailers


The brand-new Metabo HPT cordless framework nailers feature an onboard control board right at the base of the handle. It does a few points. First, that’s where you turn the nailer on and also get it prepared for job. You just hold the switch momentarily, and also it comes to life. There’s also a short-term switch to check the battery cost. Finally, you can by hand choose between consecutive and bump fire modes. You don’t wish to ignore this, either– it’s so simple. With the majority of pneumatic nailers you’ve got– at finest– a locking switch that alters the trigger system. At worst, you need to change the trigger. Currently … you simply push a button. Extremely amazing.

Depth of Drive

Both Metabo HPT cordless framework nailers have the expected tool-less depth of drive adjustment dial near the nose. I suggest utilizing that more for making up for different wood thickness. We primarily sank 3″ nails right into white and yellow want, and also with the setup near the center, it didn’t leave any nails proud.

Rafter Hook

We’ve reached state the rotating rafter hook. I love it. It’s big enough to hang the tool from a 4x beam of light, and it conveniently swivels in or out of placement as needed.

Metabo HPT NR1890DRM Framing Nailer


As quickly as the Metabo HPT NR1890DRM nailer was available in I had prepare for it. In my home, there’s a cinema area, however I wished to include a riser to raise the 2nd row of seats. Yes, I really like films. Anyhow, I have some experience with this, and it includes toenailing with each other a joist-like system of 2x8s topped with 3/4-inch plywood. I outlined the pattern, reduce my wood to size, and also went to town with the new Metabo HPT 21 ° cordless framing nailer.

Evaluating Bump-fire and also Sequential Modes

I used both bump fire as well as single fire settings however generally adhered to solitary fire just to permit me extra control. I was toe nailing on a contour and several of the timber had a bit of spin to it. I wanted to be sure to remain on the facility. Two words came to mind as I used the tool: positive, as well as quick. I additionally actually like the pointer. It offers a good amount of grab for angled firing and toe nailing.

After a while, the tool did feel a bit on the heavy side. Now I was stooped over in a cramped room. If you can stand as well as function normally, I don’t assume that will certainly be almost as much of a problem. This is, after all, a wonderful punch-list or project device as well as not something made to replace your primary framing pneumatically-driven nailer. It strikes hard enough, however the weight works versus it for all-day use.

Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer


The device has a safety and security feature whereby it turns itself off after 30 mins of inactivity. If you go to lunch, nobody’s mosting likely to “mistakenly” release a nail. It likewise conserves battery life. Metabo HPT declares their cordless framing nailers can drive as numerous as 400 nails on a single charge with the consisted of compact 3.0 Ah battery. We didn’t do full run-time testing, yet we used a couple of sticks of nails on our riser project and afterwards terminated a couple much more sticks on some internal screening. After about 150 nails it still showed over half the battery life continuing to be.

Fire Safety

Metabo HPT had security in mind when they designed this tool. Allows claim you’re in bump fire mode and you pull the trigger but obtain sidetracked. It happens, trust me. Metabo HPT makes it so that the nailer head have to be depressed within 2 secs or it will not discharge. Let me show you how this works. The very same occurs in consecutive setting yet backwards. The trigger has to be pulled within 2 secs of dispiriting the nailers head or else the trigger locks out. Resetting is simple. You simply launch the trigger and also draw it again to maintain going.

Functional designs

The Metabo HPT cordless framework nailers likewise appear to have actually mastered functional designs. The expected non-slip rubberized hold that we enjoy on their cordless vehicle drivers lives and well with the NR1890DRM. It’s not as contoured as Metabo HPT drills and effect chauffeurs, but it’s definitely curvier than their pneumatic. I suggest the devices … the making use of these tools are normally a lot curvier … usually right in front.

Anyway, I like the balance of the tool. It likewise maneuvers conveniently. It is a little bit hefty, though. With a compact 3.0 Ah battery, this nailer weighs in at 10.2 lbs. For referral, the DeWalt considers 9.25 pounds with their 4 Ah battery, and also a normal pneumatic evaluates around 8.7 lbs. If you’re holding it upright for long, you’ll feel it. Horizontally and toenailing … not so much. I still assume the time-savings for fast punch-list jobs still make it rewarding.

Bottom Line

In general, I’m really grateful to see Metabo HPT throwing in with cordless framework nailers. This is a strong item in that group, though Metabo HPT is pursuing repeatability as well as power at the possible cost of weight-savings, which’s a gamble. Get to a Metabo HPT supplier and also see if they’ll allow you demo one of these. You wish to get it in your hands and see if it could be a device that will conserve you money and time.

One more point. The packages come packaged with this brand-new Metabo HPT Compact 3 Ah Lithium-ion battery and also a charger. Now, recognize– this battery uses the same power and also runtime as Metabo HPT’s original 3.0 battery. It just does so with 5 cells instead of 10. That makes it 3/4 ″ shorter as well as goes down 0.6 lbs off the weight. It’s essentially two times as thick in regards to power. You can use those older batteries and even Metabo HPT’s 6.0 Ah pack, however why would you? If you obtain 400 nails off the brand-new compact 3.0 after that I say go down the weight. By The Way, Metabo HPT in fact has these brand-new portable 3.0 batteries selling for around $40.

Hitachi Cordless Framing Nailer



Metabo HPT NR1890DCSM (30-degree), Metabo HPT NR1890DRM (21-degree).
Air Drive Spring System.
Brushless Motor.
On-Tool Control Panel.
2 Modes of Actuation: Sequential or Bump Fire.
Automatic Shutoff After 30 Minutes of Inactivity.
Tool-less Depth of Drive Selection.
Rotating Rafter Hook.
Ergonomic, Non-Slip Rubber Grip.
Dry-Fire Lockout.
Safety Lockout Feature.
Life Time Lithium-Ion Tool Warranty.
2-Year Lithium-Ion Battery Warranty.
1-Year Lithium-Ion Charger Warranty.


Metabo HPT NR1890DCSM (30 ° )$ 399,

Metabo HPT NR1890DRM (21 °) $399.

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