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Inkjet Printers Buying Guide

Inkjet Printers Buying Guide

Inkjet printers are the most commonly used type of printers that print using drops of ink on the paper. They create a digital image using many droplets of ink and can range from affordable small ones to expensive professional ones. Read this guide to find out what to consider when buying an inkjet printer.

Benefits of Inkjet Printers

Image Quality 

Inkjet printers are known for their image quality. Inkjet printer ink droplets are placed quite densely to form high-quality picture images. Some inkjet printer cartridges offer an excellent resolution of 1440×1440 dots per inch. More dots signify accurate and high-quality images. 

Image Color 

The technology behind inkjet printers allows inkjet printers to produce vivid and vibrant colors making the images clear and perfect. The dots placement and ink release technology make such printers quite ideal for image and picture printing.  


Inkjet printers like the wireless ones come as an affordable option for printing. Not only the initial cost, but even the maintenance is also low for such printers. They cost around $72 and can go up to $270 for professional ones.  


Handheld inkjet printers are quite compact and take up very little installation space. This makes them one of the most popular picks among all printers. These printers are handheld and portable.

Factors to Consider before Buying Inkjet Printers


Resolution depends on your requirement too. An inkjet printer with a 1200 dpi print resolution will produce excellent images. If you are looking for both text and mage printing, go with the ones that offer resolution between 360 dpi–2880 dpi.  

Ink Droplet Size 

The ink droplets should measure between 4- 12 picolitres (PL) for inkjet printers. Such droplets will ensure a clearer picture.  

Size of the Printer 

The all-in-one inkjet printers are available in various sizes of 17”, 24” and go up to 44”. Understand your requirements before deciding on the size. It is recommended to invest in small and handheld printers. Bigger printers will demand more maintenance.  


It is important that printers are easy to use. Make sure you choose one with easy-to-use controls. This will enable you to use your printer at its utmost. 


Make sure your printer is wireless and Bluetooth capable. You will be able to print conveniently from a variety of devices without needing to use cables.  


Printers are everyday essentials and thus should be purchased only after some research. Most of them, although affordable, are long-term investments. Other factors like warranty, quality, and inkjet printer color also influence your choice of the right printer, directly or indirectly. We have listed some of the best printers above to assist you in making the right choice. Check out your purchasing options since these products are ranked based on their durability, performance, and quality.  

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