FurReal Munching Rex Review

This dinosaur toy has changed the rules to the game, it is a work of art. Manufacturers had all of the kids needs in mind when creating this one.

FurReal Munchin’ Rex Review

The Rex responds to pets and cuddles with more than 35 motion and sound combinations. He's got sensors in his mouth and head that enable all this. The rex responds to being fed treats and although he's not a big fan of treats and occasionally tries to spit them out, he enjoys his bottle.

Like every other dinosaur has his days where he's moody and cranky and there are days when he's the happiest rex in the jungle. You've not heard it all unless you've heard a dinosaur roar, this happens when he's waved at and adds a spring to his step. When that happens he bounces and roars in excitement.

This FurReal munchin’ rex features don't end there, he is very soft and makes him oh so huggable, it's like a second child a little shorter and smaller but all other aspects of the child remain, fun, isn't it? The dinosaur is as real as dinosaurs go, it makes cute dino-habitat-sounds. Your kid will be excited by those sounds.

FurReal Munchin’ Rex

Ever felt like you can't keep your child occupied for just a split second. You feel like if they don't follow you around the house they're busy being cranky for no reason.

This is the toy to get your kids, with the rex, your child will be occupied for hours trying to understand their pet dinosaur, playing with them, feeding them while being amazed by the slurping sound they make while being bottle-fed and just hug them because they are soft.

You will be able to do your house chores quicker, without being worried about what your kids are up to as the noise is hard to ignore.

This playful rex is the best investment you'll ever make for both you and your kid. With all these features, this dinosaur will have your kids look forward to playtime and be the coolest one on the block.

You might even find yourself getting curious every once in a while. Don't be ashamed, it's that good, be warned though, once you start you'll never stop.

furReal Munchin’ Rex
List Price: $49.99
Price: $38.77
You Save: $11.22
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In conclusion, without a doubt, this toy is the best invention that ever happened to kids toys. It is revolutionary, updated, cool and who knew you could make this huge jungle animal so cuddly and loveable. Go on to Amazon and get the FurReal munchin’ rex before they are sold out because they're going out fast.

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