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Countertop Microwave Oven Buying Guide

Countertop Microwave Oven Buying Guide

Countertop microwave convection ovens are designed for use on the counter. A built-in microwave is a microwave that is neatly tucked away in a cabinet or a wall. A countertop microwave occupies less countertop space than a unit that is connected to a power outlet. It is installed permanently and does not come with this benefit.

To function properly, countertop microwaves should have enough air space on all sides, the rear, and the top. The air intake and discharge can remain effective with adequate air clearance. It should be at least two feet away from a range if located on a counter next to one.

Read below to know more about the countertop microwave oven.

Benefits of Countertop Microwave Oven

Zero Installation Costs

A countertop microwave, otherwise known as a freestanding microwave, offers the advantage that no installation costs are associated, as the appliance simply sits where you want it to and is plugged in. The only problem is that built-in requires installation, which comes at a cost.

Easy Installation

Large countertop microwave ovens are easier to install than built-in models as all you need is a place to put the appliance and an electrical outlet for it to be plugged in. It is complex to install a built-in microwave, and you will need an electrician.

Offers Flexibility of Location

You can place freestanding microwaves anywhere on your worktop, and that is one of their biggest selling points. The microwave should not be placed right next to your sink. A microwave oven can be located virtually anywhere as opposed to a built-in model.

Auto Cook Menu

The auto cook menu feature is available in many countertop oven models. It simplifies the cooking process as the settings to cook that particular dish are already pre-set in the microwave oven. THi makes cooking convenient.

Factors to Consider before Buying Countertop Microwave Oven

Preheat Options

It is important to set the oven temperature before beginning to cook and follow the recipe. In order to pre-heat a microwave oven, you need to turn it on, wait for a few minutes until it is hot enough or the temperature you want.

Child Lock

You might experience accidents involving your kids’ hands in your microwave if you have them at home. The child lock feature makes this possible. A child lock in general involves a code that functions as a password.

Power Consumption

The higher the voltage, the more efficient and faster the microwave will be. This is true for most microwave ovens. Consider a more powerful microwave if you prepare large quantities or heavy food items. A microwave that has a low power level is sufficient if you cook for only one or two people.

Look for Warranty

Most countertop microwave and oven combo come with a warranty period during which damages are covered. Some brands, however, offer an option of extended warranty and should be checked before you buy.


The kitchen is an area in the house where we can experiment with food. Smart appliances like countertop microwave oven combo can assist with that easily. Microwave ovens are commonplace in houses nowadays as they not only reduce cooking time but also produce delicious dishes.

You may find this guide useful in finding the ideal microwave oven for your home. To make it easier to choose among these options, we have listed some of the best microwave brands that are recommended and reviewed base don controls, built, and satisfaction.

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