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Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

The Sphero Stars Wars BB-8 Droidis actually a fictional droid set to appear in the seventh Stars Wars movie (The Force Awakens). In this film, this droid is a physical prop rather than CGI and for the force faithful this is definitely a welcome revelation.

As such, its no surprise that there’s immense excitement on this interactive toy version of BB-8. You can now buy The Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid on Amazon at exciting rates. Developed by Orbotix, it is designed mainly for entertainment purposes and has no educational aspects.

It’s equipped with Bluetooth and can listen and respond to your voice. It has 60 minutes battery life.


The BB-8 is about the size of orange and measures just 4.5 inches tall and is 2.9 inches wide. It resembles a droid from any movie trailer, but is much smaller. It sports similar orange and grey patterns and details. It appears authentic like something from a far-away galaxy!

The head of BB-8 is small (about the size of a half golf ball) and rests firmly on a much larger sphere due to weak collection of magnets. So its constantly falls off when it starts ramming and roaming into chairs, baseboard heaters, and pretty much anything else. This can be bit annoying at times.

After an initial 3 hours charge on its induction base-the unit used for charging feels more like a display stand-the BB-8 is ready for pairing with Android or iOS controller of choice.

For this, you need to open the Sphero BB_8 app and place your droid close to your tablet or smartphone. Once they’re close to each other, they can pair easily with a completely satisfying glow on BB-8. It will immediately launch a control screen on your device. You’ll also be treated to original Stars Wars theme tune to get to your zone during setup.

Once paired, its ready to roam around in the room. You can try BB-8 on a table top, but without training, it can quickly go flying towards the edge and may succumb to the gravity. Luckily, BB-8 is quite sturdy and tough and can survive falls without breakage or marks.

It’s best to keep it close to terra-firma and use it only on laminate, wooden, concrete, tiled and carpeted surfaces. For all those who’re more adventurous, tended lawns can be traversable though tiny droid may move faster there and may often end up in shrubbery.

BB-8 can be controlled using a simple on-screen joystick. It lets you steer droid by moving the button within a circle. Immediately on the other side of display there is a outline that displays which way it’s facing. You also get access to a speed boost button that ensures temporary acceleration.

As heads and body of BB-8 are two distinct pieces, they stay in place due to magnets and small wheels on its underside offer realistic movement. But be warned, if it entangles itself in something without adequate head clearance, you might have to unite the two parts.

For all those who want a really immersive experience, the BB-8 can sporadically make authentic sounds from the Stars Wars movie, though you’ll have to plug headphones into the paired smartphone or tablet to hear them.


The BB-8 is definitely a cute little Stars Wars toy that can work with many third-party reality apps. It can drive around your house or lawn and can provide some genuine fun. With more than 1600 positive reviews this toy can provides you real fun for a very long time. Click here to Buy The Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid from Amazon at exciting prices.

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