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This fast-firing Nerf plaster is fully motorized and can unleash up to five darts per second with new batteries. Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster comes in a full package of 25 elite darts, 25-dart drum with a set of instructions and fires up to a distance of (27 meters) 90 feet. To operate this Nerf gun, one has to press an acceleration button, pull the trigger and rapid-fire action sets in. The twenty-five elite darts gives battlers plenty of fire-power that lasts long enough in the game. Using this ultimate speed firing Nerf gun, you can challenge and take opponents by surprise with simple shots on target. 

Nerf dart blasterremains superior in the market with the fastest firing speed customized through the acceleration button. To fully experience that rapid flying speed of the blasters on your opponents, 4 D batteries which are not included in the package are mandatory. This product is suitable for mid-age kids with a minimum age of eight years. One can easily challenge the competition using only one Nerf dart blaster from a targeting advantage that comes with fresh batteries. With all the appropriate colors and choice of materials, the Nerf N-strike Elite HyperFire blaster has been skillfully designed to provide the best battling experience. 

To ensure proper use of the Nerf guns, it is advisable for kids to use these products under supervision. On-target shots are the joy of every battle but some body parts should be avoided at all cost. Eyes/ the entire face and other sensational body parts are delicate and any mess on them can lead to injuries. Darts or dart blaster shouldn’t be modified and proper care should be taken to avoid any choking hazard (particularly children) since small parts might be generated in the course of play.  

Experience that excitement, attitude and energy in the Nerf battles every time you prepare to aim at your opponent. With time, accurate shots are possible and even more experience in unleashing the darts with proper timing skills. Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster is the best you can get on the market with an amazing battling experience, fast speed with a friendly-user interface.  

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Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
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