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Air Fryer Buying Guide

Air Fryer Buying Guide

An air fryer bakes food at a high temperature using a powerful fan. A combination of a concentrated heat source and the size of the fan enables an air fryer to cook food quickly and evenly. It saves time and electricity as compared to a standard oven. Its functionality resembles that of a convection oven. The air fryer also uses zero oil and can fry foods faster as the hot air circulates over the food, creating a golden crisp crust.

This appliance is ideal for people who want to reduce their calorie and fat intake. The units are simple to use and easy to clean. It is important, however, to consider several factors before buying an air fryer. We’ve put together this comprehensive buying guide so you can find the ideal air fryer for your home.

Benefits of Air Fryer

Healthy and Promotes Weight Loss

Fried foods have been associated with increased obesity risk. The reason for this is that deep-fried foods are usually very fattening and high in calories. By reducing oil intake and switching to air-fried foods instead of deep-fried foods, you can lose weight.

Safer than Deep Fryers

Deep-frying involves cooking food in hot oil. This can be dangerous. Even though air fryers do heat up, there is no risk of spilling or splashing hot oil. The food cooked in deep oil also has more calories and can lead to weight gain. This is completely avoided in an air fryer.

Reduced Risk of Toxic Levels

Using oil when frying food can cause dangerous compounds to form, such as acrylamide. Certain foods, such as deep-fried items form this compound when heated to high temperatures. By switching to air frying, people can reduce their chances of consuming acrylamide.

Offers a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many adverse health effects associated with cooking with oil and consuming traditional fried foods. Using another method of cooking instead of deep frying is a great way to reduce the risk of complications. That is why air frying is a great way to achieve your health goals and lead a healthy life.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Air Fryer

Removable Drawer 

Your air fryer must be hassle-free and easy to clean after you use it. Look for one with a removable drawer that makes it easier to clean. The food basket should also be removable and dishwasher-friendly. This makes the process of cleaning an air fryer convenient.

Brand Name 

It is important to go with brands when purchasing appliances. The branded machines come with an extended warranty and good replacement deals. For example, bigger companies like Cosori Ninja or Cuisinart put a lot of effort into their research and development. This makes their appliances safe and user-friendly.


You can prepare a variety of recipes for air fryers using a higher wattage. Due to the rapid rise in temperature that occurs in an air fryer, food is cooked in a short period of time. As a result, time and electricity are saved. A rotisserie air fryer or an air fryer with a grill may consume more electricity in comparison to a standard air fryer. It is thus, advisable to go with star-rated products.

Basket Capacity 

The size of the air fryer and the cooking basket depends on the size of the family. If you have a large family, you must pick an air fryer of 5 quarts. Smaller air fryers come with 3 or 4 quarts and are suitable for cooking smaller batches.


You can cook a variety of dishes with an air fryer without compromising on flavor or health. You can also enjoy the benefits of microwave and air fryer together with a new range of models that feature built-in microwaves with air fryers. So, if you have been thinking about getting an air fryer, go ahead and buy one for yourself. You can take a look at the reviewed air fryers above, before deciding on one. We review and recommend the best air fryers based on build, controls, speed, and performance.


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