The Ultimate Nerf Gun For Xmas 2017 – Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire

Christmas is just around the corner, and this is the time when kids start making their holiday wish lists. How can your children have their Christmas go by without enjoying the Nerf N-strike Elite HyperFire Blaster? This toy gun is always ready to fire those suction darts at thrilling speeds. The blaster comes equipped with 25 elite darts, 25-dart drums, and it can fire up to 5 darts per second with fresh 4D batteries. This is a higher capacity compared to many other brands. The Nerf N-strike blaster also has a detachable blast shield to protect you from return fire. 

Main Features of Nerf Tri-Strike Blaster: 

-: Triple Threat Performance 

-: Convenience 

-: Superior Aesthetics 

-: Superior Ergonomics 

Let's Take a Closer Look! 

Triple Threat Performance 

This first thing to look at is the performance of the toy. Because surely, how would you feel if this great-looking blaster underperforms in front of your eyes? No worries. When it comes to performance, the Nerf N-Strike blaster never disappoints. The shooting speed is extremely fast and accurate, and you can be able to hit ranges of up to 90ft (27 meters). 


But before firing, you need to ensure that the drum is loaded. To fire, pull the bolt back and push it back forward again, then pull the trigger once and a single dart will fire from the blaster. To fire in continuous-mode, you just need to hold down the firing trigger and continuously pull it. How convenient! 

Superior Aesthetics 

The Nerf Elite HyperFire completely manifests the word "tacticool". Right from the front, there's a small barrel and a big round drum that can accommodate up to 25 darts. The paint job is also a bit unique. Instead of that bright yellowish green that's common with many blasters, the N-Strike features a perfect mix of dark blue and orange colors. Again, it fits comfortably in 40 year old's and 9 year old's hands. 

Superior Ergonomics 

So the blaster looks wonderful and its performance is outstanding. We get it. But is it comfortable to use and fire? Well, it's extremely good here as well. The bolt handle feels smooth and is an excellent size for any hand type. In fact, there's nothing more comfortable than resting your hand on the 25-dart drum. Everything is perfectly ergonomic - right? 

Is Nerf HyperFire Blaster a Good Choice for my Child? 

YES is the simple answer. If you're looking for something that can work like a real gun then the Elite HyperFire blaster might be the ideal choice. The pros of the N-Strike are its ergonomics, aesthetics, and performance. Like all Nerf products, the N-Strike Elite blaster is perfectly safe and getting hit by one of its darts doesn't hurt at all! 

There are few drawbacks to it though. First of all, it jams easily. Secondly, it takes a long time to reload. Furthermore, it's a bit heavier than your average Nerf weapon, so not a great choice for very young kids. 

Call to Action 

It's good to mention the areas where customers have criticized the design of the Nerf N-strike blaster, but the weight of these design imperfections are just some unfortunate design choices on an otherwise functional and highly impressive model. The manufacturer could go ahead and address these minor flaws. In the end, the blaster is still a great choice for buyers looking for something for their kids this coming Christmas. Buy one today by clicking Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster.

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
List Price: $49.99
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