What Do You Get With The Pokémon Z-Ring Set

The Pokémon Z-Ring Set is an accessory that pairs with the massively popular Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon game titles for Nintendo 3DS Family Systems. The rings are essentially electronic bracelets with plug-in crystals that work in tandem with Pokémon Sun and Moon to enhance the gaming experience for the wearer. So, what do you get with the Pokémon Z-Ring Set? 

Pokémon Z-Ring Set

The Z-Ring is a wearable bracelet with sound and vibration in a cool Pokémon design. It is powered by two AAA batteries which guarantee maximum power output for a longer duration of time. Additionally, is completely wireless, which offers both flexibility and convenience to the users. In addition to the active Z-Crystalin the main slot, the Z-Ring can hold an additional six crystals. Also included in the Z-Ring Set are three Z-Crystals and a two-inch Pikachu figure. 

Synchronizes with 3DS game

The Z-Ring synchronizes with Pokémon Sun & Moon games for Nintendo 3DS Family Systems. When you carry out the powerful new Z-Moves, the ring vibrates and lights up, creating a 4D experience with physical sensations. The reaction is not only colorful but also spontaneous, thereby creating the seamless 4D experience. However, you can use it alone in role-play, as the Z-Move button on the Z-Ring makes it light up, vibrate and make noise.  

Light Up Z-Crystals

As you insert the Z-Crystals into the Z-Ring, the type-based attack symbols become visible as they light up. Each Z-Crystal represents a different type of element. For example, when you insert the Electric-element Z-Crystal into the active slot, you’ll feel the Electric Z-Move as it happens in the game. You can collect different Z-Crystals, which unlock additional new sounds, colors and vibrations, and there are additional sets that you can buy with new crystals contained within.


-Turns game play into a 4D experience by adding physical sensations.

-Makes you feel the power when you carry out Z-Moves.

-Three Z-Crystals included with the set.

-Can be used without the 3DS in imaginary role playing too.

-You get a cute Pikachu figure with the set. 


-Doesn’t really have any real function with regards to game play.

-Not rechargeable – requires batteries that will need to be replaced.

-You will need to buy additional Z-Crystal packs. 


Q. Does the Z-Ring Set have any influence on game play?

A. No, it simply reacts to events in the game, namely Z-Moves, to add extra sensations to the gameplay experience.

 Q. Are all the crystals included in the set?

A. No, you will have to buy additional crystal packs to get them all. An extra 9-pack of crystals will set you back around US$20.


Though it doesn’t really have any real function with regards to game play in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon 3DS titles, the Z-Ring adds an enjoyable element to the game for kids and die-hard Pokémon fans (of which there are plenty!).

The sound and vibration is actually quite satisfying when you carry out a successful Z-Move, and makes you feel like a true Pokémon warrior! Also worth noting is the fact that it is not an expensive accessory either, so if you’re interested, why not splash out?

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Exciting the Kids 2016 Christmas with The Pokemon Z-Ring Set

Christmas is yet again approaching and the family should be surprised with sizzling gifts that will make them enjoy and look forward to the event. Amazon is offering a Pokémon Z-Ring Set which is a perfect Christmas gift for kids who are in to video games during their free time and during school holidays.

Make the kids Christmas special with their highly desired video game experience. This Christmas gift will proof to be an intriguing and most exhilarating video game experience to the kids making them have a Christmas season that they will never forget. 

Pokémon Z-Ring Set is quite a unique kid’s video game which comes with specially designed features to ensure the kids are able to clearly understand the game without any difficulty. The game can be played on a Z-Crystal or 3ds allowing the kids to get access to the game at any given time and at any place they are comfortable with.

The Pokémon Z-Ring Set has also been technologically improved and specially designed with amazing features to ensure the set is compatible with the latest Pokémon series video game titles. This makes the video game more interesting for the kids as they will be continuing with the already existing Pokémon series, only that they will be enjoying an improved and most interesting series than the earlier ones.  

Pokémon Z-Ring Set has factored all the kid’s likes and wants and have ensured that t the game comes with features that are eye catchy to the little ones for them to fully enjoy what the game offers. The Z-Ring comes with different color codes which allow the kids to choose a color of their choice. It includes very attractive colors and designs which the kids will no doubt enjoy them during the game. They will only need to press a button on Z-Ring and it will flash different attractive colors and lights for a complete and exciting game experience. The video game also has rhythmic vibrations and sounds when switched to different type or level.

The sound of the game is very soothing and they can make fun of the game with the sounds and vibrations of the video game. These sounds will not only make the video game interesting, but also very entertaining and engaging to the youngsters. They will be able to compete with their friends based on the sounds of the Z-Ring as every level and step makes a different sound, therefore each one of them will be able to monitor their friend’s level based on the sounds and vibrations they produce.  

Pokémon Z-Ring Setusers may need to have the Pokémon Sun and Moon and a Pikachu for the game to function smoothly, although this can be an exceptional because the device comes with a role-play mode which doesn’t need to be paired to the game to function. The users will also need AAA batteries to power the video game. 

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TOMY Pokémon Z-Ring Set
List Price: $29.99
Price: $11.90
You Save: $18.09
Price Disclaimer