What Do You Get With The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster?

If you and your kids are die-hard Nerf fans, prepare for a blast. The prolific toy company will thrill you once again with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster, a winning product that will not disappoint. Nerf has clearly set the bar high by developing a toy rifle that surpasses others. This standout toy has features that exceed expectations, and satisfied customers confirm its obvious pros.

What do you get when you buy the Hyperfire?

The answer to this is "a whole lot." This savvy rifle unleashes an unstoppable five darts per second, drowning opponents in a sea of ammunition. Its dynamic 25-dart drum provides firepower that will leave enemies in awe. It shoots up to 90 feet (27m) and makes every battle an exciting one. Rapid fire starts as soon as you pull the trigger. A set of high-quality Elite darts comes with this assault weapon.  


Why should you consider this intimidating weapon above other toy guns? The product has a set of draws that make it a valuable part of any rifle arsenal. 

1. Unique, futuristic design 

The first selling point of the Hyperfire is its unique, futuristic design. It is like other Elite blasters but has an enlarged front end. This futuristic structure will make anyone feel that he is part of a Star Wars movie.  

2. Thumbhole-designed stock 

Then, there is its Thumbhole-designed stock. It comes with a useful cheek rest piece, which makes it comfortable and functional. Small and light, it gives the gun a neat appearance.  

3. Fast and Accurate 

This incredible toy rifle will make your child a soldier before his time. It fires at incredible speed, and will give him many hours of enjoyment. Its flywheel design allows it stupendous rapid fire action. It comes with active braking to prevent it from unleashing rounds unnecessarily. The accuracy of this gun is above average; it goes through doorways at an 8m range.  

4. Foregrip perfect for shouldering weight 

The handle provides users with a firm grip. Well-curved and spacious, you can curl your fingers around it comfortably. The round foregrip allows you to hold it at a decent angle and is ideal for shouldering weight. With the stock at the tail end, all the weight is at the back of the gun.  

5. Well-positioned mag release 

The mag release, on the inside of the handguard, is a top draw. You can activate it quickly with your middle finger. One of the best advantages of this product is that it is compatible with all mags and drums.  

6. Security 

An orange switch locks the gun's jam door in place. The gun cannot operate unless you activate it. It has every safety feature you would expect to see in a fly wheeler.  

Points to Consider 

As you should with any product, ponder over a few points before buying the Hyperfire 

1. Single Tactical Rail 

Note that it only has one tactical rail. There is room for more brackets and a barrel accepting muzzle as well. Consider this gun if you do not want to sort through too many attachments. 

2. Jam Door 

The jam door has a conveyor-belt design which may prevent you from opening it all the way. However, you can manage this flaw if you are cautious.  

3. Cycle control 

There is no cycle control on the conveyor belt, so firing the gun at the start may take time. Once activated, however, it shoots rapidly.  

How does the Hyperfire compare with other blasters? 

The Hyperfire has many fantastic features, but how does it do against other guns?  

When compared with the Stryfe and RapidStrike, it is of good size. It is long enough to have a reasonable stock length, and is not too small to be a Blaster. Its range, at 8 to 10m, is comparable with other rifles.  

What makes it a cut above other guns is its astonishing rate of fire. At five rounds per second, it leaves other rifles in the dust.  

Buy this toy gun today, and you will give your child a present that he will not forget. This gun will make him feel that he has come of age.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
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