The Review-Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster and Where to Order!

Nerf N-Strike HyperFire is a part of Elite line of blasters that focus on distance, performance, accuracy and speed. This year Nerf has focused on capacity. If you really want to jump in and unload unlimited number of darts, then Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire needs to be in your arsenal.

It’s a drum fed automatic dart gun that gaining fame as being the fastest firing Nerf gun. According to Hasbro, it can unload around five darts per second. Though you won’t be able to count that fast, but it’s surely the fastest unmodified Nerf gun you might have seen. 

The Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster is oddly designed gun that has many sharp angles and edges resembling elite styling, yet has a completely superfluous and large front end. While most Elite blasters available these days possess modern style, the Hyperfire has a more futuristic, sci-fi look. The front end suggests its’ trying to be bulky and big, yet the stock is not particularly long or big. 

The blaster has a very futuristic design with a cool tiger strap pattern on its body. The profiling around the hand guard has the rev trigger and a special mag release button. It’s got a hand hole, a thumbhole, and trigger well.

The blaster is surprisingly large to fit in your hands and feel ergonomic. Its rev switch offers a good response when pressed. The cheek rest on the top of this gun has a nice touch. There’s a tactical rail on the top. The jam door on the top of this gun has a lock door switch.  

The Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster is powered by 4 D batteries, and its weight is distributed at the back of the gun. The foregrip on the front makes it perfect for shouldering its weight. A closer look at Blaster’s gigantic front end-It looks excessively large-and appears completely unnecessary.

For some, it may add unnecessary bulk while handling. While this round part does provide a decent grip, it feels too low for me to be really comfortable. The entire orange section right below the muzzle is completely hollow. The handle is fairly well-designed, and nicely curved and decently roomy.

The handguard is a relatively uncommon feature that you would like. It can become little squishy if your fingers are large. The Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster thumbhole is quite close to battery tray and so the inner side of your hand in pressed against the edge of the battery tray. This can be particularly annoying and little uncomfortable, which is quite a shame because the thumbhole handle and stock look really cool. 

Hyperfire’s jam door is locked in place by a orange piece on top. If the jam door is unlocked, the switch prevents it from operating. Here HyperFire uses a conveyer belt (housed in its jam door), hence strange door design. The Hyperfire blaster has all other safeties and locks you’d expect to see in a flywheeler.  

But how does Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster shoot? With its special flywheel motor, it has rapid fire action. It can easily shoot hose of darts at all unsuspecting targets. It’s actually lot quieter than you’d have expected and its performance can quickly destroy the Hail Fire. You have to be very careful on trigger or else you might churn through 20-25 dart drum magazine in the blink of an eye, leaving you a really wide open target. 

Accuracy of Blaster is perhaps a little better than average. Most of the darts go through the doorway at around 8m range, but beyond that they can spread out a far bit. It can fire up to 90 feet and includes 25-darts, 25-darts drum, and instructions.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
List Price: $49.99
Price: $49.99
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What Do You Get With The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster?

If you and your kids are die-hard Nerf fans, prepare for a blast. The prolific toy company will thrill you once again with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster, a winning product that will not disappoint. Nerf has clearly set the bar high by developing a toy rifle that surpasses others. This standout toy has features that exceed expectations, and satisfied customers confirm its obvious pros.

What do you get when you buy the Hyperfire?

The answer to this is “a whole lot.” This savvy rifle unleashes an unstoppable five darts per second, drowning opponents in a sea of ammunition. Its dynamic 25-dart drum provides firepower that will leave enemies in awe. It shoots up to 90 feet (27m) and makes every battle an exciting one. Rapid fire starts as soon as you pull the trigger. A set of high-quality Elite darts comes with this assault weapon.  


Why should you consider this intimidating weapon above other toy guns? The product has a set of draws that make it a valuable part of any rifle arsenal. 

1. Unique, futuristic design 

The first selling point of the Hyperfire is its unique, futuristic design. It is like other Elite blasters but has an enlarged front end. This futuristic structure will make anyone feel that he is part of a Star Wars movie.  

2. Thumbhole-designed stock 

Then, there is its Thumbhole-designed stock. It comes with a useful cheek rest piece, which makes it comfortable and functional. Small and light, it gives the gun a neat appearance.  

3. Fast and Accurate 

This incredible toy rifle will make your child a soldier before his time. It fires at incredible speed, and will give him many hours of enjoyment. Its flywheel design allows it stupendous rapid fire action. It comes with active braking to prevent it from unleashing rounds unnecessarily. The accuracy of this gun is above average; it goes through doorways at an 8m range.  

4. Foregrip perfect for shouldering weight 

The handle provides users with a firm grip. Well-curved and spacious, you can curl your fingers around it comfortably. The round foregrip allows you to hold it at a decent angle and is ideal for shouldering weight. With the stock at the tail end, all the weight is at the back of the gun.  

5. Well-positioned mag release 

The mag release, on the inside of the handguard, is a top draw. You can activate it quickly with your middle finger. One of the best advantages of this product is that it is compatible with all mags and drums.  

6. Security 

An orange switch locks the gun’s jam door in place. The gun cannot operate unless you activate it. It has every safety feature you would expect to see in a fly wheeler.  

Points to Consider 

As you should with any product, ponder over a few points before buying the Hyperfire 

1. Single Tactical Rail 

Note that it only has one tactical rail. There is room for more brackets and a barrel accepting muzzle as well. Consider this gun if you do not want to sort through too many attachments. 

2. Jam Door 

The jam door has a conveyor-belt design which may prevent you from opening it all the way. However, you can manage this flaw if you are cautious.  

3. Cycle control 

There is no cycle control on the conveyor belt, so firing the gun at the start may take time. Once activated, however, it shoots rapidly.  

How does the Hyperfire compare with other blasters? 

The Hyperfire has many fantastic features, but how does it do against other guns?  

When compared with the Stryfe and RapidStrike, it is of good size. It is long enough to have a reasonable stock length, and is not too small to be a Blaster. Its range, at 8 to 10m, is comparable with other rifles.  

What makes it a cut above other guns is its astonishing rate of fire. At five rounds per second, it leaves other rifles in the dust.  

Buy this toy gun today, and you will give your child a present that he will not forget. This gun will make him feel that he has come of age.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
List Price: $49.99
Price: $49.99
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Where To Buy The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster

Take aim and challenge opponents with the Hyper Fire Blaster from Nerf. This dart blaster by Nerf is the fastest motorized version and unleashes five darts each second in order to rain a deluge of darts down on the targets. With the drum that has twenty five darts, this blaster brings firepower to the battle nothing short of impressive. It fires up to twenty one meters of darts. Pull the trigger or press the accelerate button to let the rapid action of firing begin! There are twenty-five darts included in the pack. 

Wondering Where To Buy The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster?

This blaster by Nerf is a quick firing gun which gives pretty accurate results. These operate quietly enough for a stealth attack. The light gun holds tons of darts so you don’t have to reload immediately. One great feature is that it fires automatically. For people looking for a gun that fires quickly, this is a solid choice. If you have been looking for a blaster to enjoy with your friends, you won’t go wrong with the Nerf N Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster.

Not only is this blaster easy to carry, you really won’ t have to keep reloading every few minutes since there are more than enough darts that are loaded into the drum. Wondering what to give you favorite child for their birthday, Christmas or other special occasion? You won’t go wrong with the Nerf N-Strike. As a matter of fact you might want to get a few for the kids to enjoy playing group games and having a great time with the hours of fun they get from the Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster! 


The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster has a twenty-five dart drum. It fires up to five darts for every second when new batteries are put in. There are twenty-five elite darts included in the pack and darts can be fired up to twenty-one meters. 


The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster comes in multi-color varieties and is appropriate for both girls and boys aged eight to fourteen years. The brand is by Nerf and the assembled dimensions of the product are four by twenty-four by twelve inches.  

Other Details 

The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster is for ages eight and up. There are small parts which can be choking hazards for kids under three. There is a requirement of four D batteries not included in the pack. Avoid injury by using only the darts included with the pack. Do not modify dart blaster or darts. 

Where To Buy The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster? 

For active, fun play, Nerf is the ultimate brand. It’s Nerf or Nothing is their logo and you can launch into awesome dart battles the moment you have a Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster in your hands. You can join a dart blaster team as well and upgrade some features to be able to take part in bigger battles. If you have been wondering where to buy The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster the place to find one is at Amazon. 

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Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
List Price: $49.99
Price: $49.99
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The Ultimate Nerf Gun For Xmas 2016 – Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire

Christmas is just around the corner, and this is the time when kids start making their holiday wish lists. How can your children have their Christmas go by without enjoying the Nerf N-strike Elite HyperFire Blaster? This toy gun is always ready to fire those suction darts at thrilling speeds. The blaster comes equipped with 25 elite darts, 25-dart drums, and it can fire up to 5 darts per second with fresh 4D batteries. This is a higher capacity compared to many other brands. The Nerf N-strike blaster also has a detachable blast shield to protect you from return fire. 

Main Features of Nerf Tri-Strike Blaster: 

-: Triple Threat Performance 

-: Convenience 

-: Superior Aesthetics 

-: Superior Ergonomics 

Let’s Take a Closer Look! 

Triple Threat Performance 

This first thing to look at is the performance of the toy. Because surely, how would you feel if this great-looking blaster underperforms in front of your eyes? No worries. When it comes to performance, the Nerf N-Strike blaster never disappoints. The shooting speed is extremely fast and accurate, and you can be able to hit ranges of up to 90ft (27 meters). 


But before firing, you need to ensure that the drum is loaded. To fire, pull the bolt back and push it back forward again, then pull the trigger once and a single dart will fire from the blaster. To fire in continuous-mode, you just need to hold down the firing trigger and continuously pull it. How convenient! 

Superior Aesthetics 

The Nerf Elite HyperFire completely manifests the word “tacticool”. Right from the front, there’s a small barrel and a big round drum that can accommodate up to 25 darts. The paint job is also a bit unique. Instead of that bright yellowish green that’s common with many blasters, the N-Strike features a perfect mix of dark blue and orange colors. Again, it fits comfortably in 40 year old’s and 9 year old’s hands. 

Superior Ergonomics 

So the blaster looks wonderful and its performance is outstanding. We get it. But is it comfortable to use and fire? Well, it’s extremely good here as well. The bolt handle feels smooth and is an excellent size for any hand type. In fact, there’s nothing more comfortable than resting your hand on the 25-dart drum. Everything is perfectly ergonomic – right? 

Is Nerf HyperFire Blaster a Good Choice for my Child? 

YES is the simple answer. If you’re looking for something that can work like a real gun then the Elite HyperFire blaster might be the ideal choice. The pros of the N-Strike are its ergonomics, aesthetics, and performance. Like all Nerf products, the N-Strike Elite blaster is perfectly safe and getting hit by one of its darts doesn’t hurt at all! 

There are few drawbacks to it though. First of all, it jams easily. Secondly, it takes a long time to reload. Furthermore, it’s a bit heavier than your average Nerf weapon, so not a great choice for very young kids. 

Call to Action 

It’s good to mention the areas where customers have criticized the design of the Nerf N-strike blaster, but the weight of these design imperfections are just some unfortunate design choices on an otherwise functional and highly impressive model. The manufacturer could go ahead and address these minor flaws. In the end, the blaster is still a great choice for buyers looking for something for their kids this coming Christmas. Buy one today by clicking Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster.

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
List Price: $49.99
Price: $49.99
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