Sphero BB-8 Droid Features

The BB-8 is a app-enabled toy that can be operated through smart device such as iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. This interactive toy appeared in a Star Wars movie and has been greeted by interested by both toy and Star Wars communities. Developed by Orbotix, mainly for entertainment purpose, there are no specific educational aspects-which is great thing.   

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid Features 

BB-8 can be operated through a smart device such as Android Phone or iPhone. Without these devices, it’s just an expensive desktop ornament that might twitch its head side-to-side occasionally, and may attract few admiring glances, but little else. 

It needs 3 hours of initial charging on the induction base-its charging unit resembles a display stand- and the toy is ready for pairing with your Android or iOS controller of choice. 

You will have to open the Sphero BB-8 app and then place this droid in close proximity to tablet or smartphone. Once together, they can pair instantly, and will launch a control screen on the device. As an added perk, you’ll also be treated to original theme tune from Star wars that would get you right into the zone during its setup.

Once paired successfully, you’re ready to roam around the room. You can’t try it on tabletop, as it will go flying towards its edge and may ultimately succumb gravity. Luckily, Sphero BB-8 is quite sturdy little droid that can easily survive falls without breakage or marks. 

Therefore, we would advise you to keep the droid close to terra firma and use it only on laminate, wooden, concrete, tiled and carpeted surfaces. You can use it even in your lawn, but it may end up in the shrubbery!  

One of the best Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid Features, it can be controlled with the help of on-screen joystick. You can steer the droid by moving its button within a circle. An outline on the other side of this display indicates which way droid is facing. Here you also get access to a speed boost button to ensure some acceleration. 

The head and body of BB-8 droid are two distinct bodies attached by weak magnets. Most of the time, its head stays in place and small wheels and magnets on the underside of the head ensure realistic movement. The droid sporadically makes some sounds from the Star Wars movie, which you can easily hear with the help of headphone plugged into the paired smartphone or tablet or your smartphone. 

Anything else to consider? 

Once you’ve steered at speed, and have created an obstacle course out of LEGO, it has been chased by pets and created a perfect ramp to launch your BB-8 skywards, you need to master handful of voice commands.  

To make them work, you need to grab your droid attention by slightly shouting “OK BB-8” and then proceed on to your chosen command-they’re many. With “run away” command, Sphero BB-8 will speed in the straight line. “how are you feeling” will result in a dance move if BB-8 is fully juiced, and “look around” prompts it to wander about. 

Patrol Mode of Sphero BB-8 offers plenty of fun, sending it to roam around on its own. During this session, the Sphero BB-8 gathers information for you. Key bits of data include temperate in his surroundings, his acceleration, collision and proximity warning alerts. Even though this data is not detailed for actual mapping, it’s still entertaining to watch BB-8 progress while exploring the world. You can get this wonder droid at great price from Amazon. You also get free 2 day shipping with prime. Click here to buy the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid from Amazon.com!

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