Pokémon Z-Ring Set: Customer Reviews

Works fantastic, it’s a complete value for money! 

This set was purchased as a surprise gift for my nephews who are glued to their Nintendo 3DS most of the time. Their latest craze is Pokemon series of games, which is gaining a lot of popularity. Thought of buying another set which was slightly cheaper but didn’t have the extra goodies that come with this one. Let me say, the kids really enjoyed this gift, to say the least!


Review #2 

Great accessory for the Nintendo 3DS 

This one is a must have if you or anyone in your household enjoys playing Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon often. The set includes 3 types of Z-Crystals which come with their own unique effects like colors and vibration. Just need to fit them into the Z-Ring and feel the difference. 


Review #3 

Must buy if you are a die-hard Pokemon fan! 

It was getting slightly boring for me play video games on my 3DS, but then a friend suggested me to spice out my video gaming experience by getting an add-on. The first thing that came to my mind was to find something that I could use with the Pokemon game series, as I’m completely hooked to the Pokemon game on my mobile phone. This was a good purchase, specially considering the price it’s being sold for. 


Review #4 

No defects noticed yet 

The product didn’t appear durable when I checked it on Amazon and a couple of other sites. However, the build quality of the Z-Ring and other accessories that come bundled with it is fine and I’m sure it would last longer than I previously expected. The Z-Crystals are fun to use. Value for money! 


Review #5 

Wish this thing was for real! 

Well, the Z-Ring adds a lot of zing to the game and makes me play the Pokemon series again which I had stopped playing a few weeks back. Now, I’m feeling as if it’s a new way of playing the game altogether. Makes sense to buy this or something similar if you are kind of bored with the game. 


Review #6 

Changes the feel of the game 

It was totally worth the effort to get this ring set, specially so because my younger brother really enjoys playing with me now. We both love Pokemon Moon now and are hooked to it, thanks to this tiny gadget. Nothing has made us happier than this 🙂 


Review #7 

Syncs well with my old 3DS and works as claimed 

Was slightly skeptical about the quality of this set before ordering and whether or not it would work fine with the video game. Having said this, there were no issues noticed in syncing this with the game device and the process was simple enough for the kids to do it by themselves without anyone helping them. 


Review #8 

Get the Z-Ring Set, you won’t be disappointed 

The creators of this product have done a nice job at it and made a nice package that you can gift someone if you know they are into Pokemon and have a Nintendo at home. We’ve got one for our tiny tots and they don’t seem to get bored of it! 


Review #9 

Feel the Pokemon power 

The Z-Ring set didn’t disappoint me at all. There are 3 versions of the Z-Crystal in the set and a tiny Pikachu comes as an addon for all the Pokemon fans. Vibration feel amazing and the sound effects are really cool. Works fine with the 2DS console too. What else could you wish for? 


Review #10 

How amazing! 

Had never tried something like this with my Nintendo 3DS. Using the Z-Ring during the role play is a cool way to experience the game in a totally different way. Personally, I’d say this set is definitely worth the money. 


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