Order The Pokemon Z-Ring Set for an Exciting Holiday Season

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The Pokemon sun and the moon is one of the most thrilling, fun and moving 3D game that offers a real life simulation experience.

While it has hit the headlines and captured the interest of even the most conservative gamers on its own, the introduction of the Z-Ring set accessory has changed the way people know Pokemon giving it an extra-fun twist.

You can order the Pokemon Z-ring set from Amazon and experience first hand the fun and joy of being part of the game.  

The aim of the Z-ring and the Z-crystals accessories release is to help amplify the 3D and 2D experience of playing the remarkable Pokemon Sun and Moon game. This amazing wearable device is meant to give you a real taste of how playing the Pokemon game in a real world would feel like by synchronizing the game’s attacks with real sounds, vibrations, and lighting, which gives you a real feel of the game. With the Z-Ring and the Z-crystals, a trainer can unleash the explosive Pokemon Z-Move power easily and effectively.  

It is important to note that you must have the right Z-Crystal accessory to unleash the powerful Z-Move attack depending on the type of the Pokemon you are using. Some of the already revealed Z-Move attacks include the Inferno Overdrive, Bloom Doom, Gigavolt Havoc and Hydro Vortex for the Pikachu Z-Move.

Although it is set to be released in November, you can already pre order the Pokemon Z-ring set from Amazon.com to enjoy the battle thrills and the Z-Move full power as the Z-Ring makes sounds, lights up and vibrates.  

The ground breaking Z-Ring gadget offers you two ways to play. You can synchronize the Z-Ring with the video game to enjoy the 4D experience or in role-play mode. It is also imperative to note that different Z-Crystals offer different sounds, vibrations, and colors for a unique experience every time you play the Pokemon game. The set comes with two AAA batteries and is compatible with the latest Pokemon video game series. The Z-Ring synchronization and interaction gives you a new unique way to become a trainer.  

The unit available for pre-order from Amazon.com comes with a Z-Ring that can hold up to 7 Z-Crystals, 3 Z-Crystals, and a 2-inch Pikachu figure. When synchronized with the Z-Crystal element type that matches with the Z-Move being performed in the game, a type based attack will emerge automatically letting you enjoy the sounds, light, and vibration associated with that kind of attack. By inserting an electric-type Z-Crystal into the Z-Ring, you get a chance to feel the electric Z-Move whenever it appears in the video game simultaneously.  

The other amazing reason why you should order the Pokemon Z-Ring set from Amazon.com is that it lets you bring battle play to life without the video game in Role-Play mode. The Role-Play mode lets you experience the different lights, colors, and vibration with every Z-Crystal.

In addition to the active Z-Crystal, the Z-Ring can also hold additional six Z-Crystals giving you with more than adequate accessories to light up your quest to becoming a Pokemon trainer. The timely release of the Pokemon Z-Ring set will make your holiday season as exciting and memorable like no other.


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