FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon Review

One thing about FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon is that it’s absolutely adorable. Generally, it’s a huggable dragon with a torch sensor on its mouth that your child can touch to get an amazingly realistic reaction. Also, its movements resemble the movements of a family dog or cat. One of the best features of this dragon is the red mist that comes from its mouth. As compared to other robo dragons, this technology is quite unique. 

As you might hope, this feature goes beyond being a fun party trick. If you place a marshmallow near the torch’s mouth it will not only start chomping it down but will also give it toasty finish. Since the torch is a combination of fuzz and plastic, your child can position its front legs and get big dragon hugs. It also comes with over 50 dialogues and sounds meaning your kid will be entertained with a ton of adventures. If you take care of it, you will discover what things this amazing pet can do. 

When you push the button and touch its nose, it responds quite well otherwise, it becomes dormant and goes to sleep. This means if you do not touch it, it does not do much. Although it does not hold much you can use a water filler to fill it up. It has a super fine red mist together with the red light that that makes it resemble fire and dragon smoke. It can do this for at least 15 minutes before filling it up again. It’s actually hard to believe the amount of personality that it has. 

Obviously, it has a more endearing character and charm than many people. Setting it up is also very easy at it takes only a few minutes before you can start enjoying it. Above all, these features make it stunningly lifelike. Since it’s large and soft you have to handle it gently to prevent leaking when tipped over. In fact, if you buy it, it will become you child’s favorite toy. 


· It’s very attractive. It not only has attractive eyes but its head can also move to make it resembles a living thing 

· When you pet its nose, it responds a lot. 

· With its movements, it can inspire some nurturing play. 

· As compared to other soft animals toys, you will find that its fire-breathing feature is quite novel. 


· As compared to most toys, its price is a little steeper. 

· Batteries are not included. 

Wrap up 

If you are willing to pay a higher price and gets the experience, FuReal is an ideal toy to buy. it would be the best for an older child who wants to enjoy some fun. Even without its interactive robotics, it is still a hit based on its looks. More so, to bring it to life, you only need batteries and screwdriver. The fire breathing features works amazingly well and only needs some water to create the best effect. Although it is not meant for everybody, it’s still an adorable and a unique toy as compared to many others in the market. Click here to buy the FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon from Amazon.com

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon
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