Why You Should Buy The furReal Munchin’ Rex On Amazon

The furReal Munchin’ Rex

This loveable and funny plush dinosaur toy will be a favorite with your kids. They will love to pose him in different positions while they try to get him to eat his treats.

But, watch out, he is a picky eater that likes to have fun during feeding time. The furReal Munchin’ Rex can respond to all the attention with over 35 motions and scary dinosaur sounds that will keep the kids playing for hours.


The automation that is built into this fun and creative toy allow for exciting interactive play. Designed with plush and durable materials, this toy is built to last. He can respond to motion cues like waves and squeezes to replicate a real and fascinating form of communication.

Why You Should Buy The furReal Munchin’ Rex On Amazon

When the furReal Munchin Rex gets hungry he will jump and bounce and beg for his treats. Mealtime can become the game time in a hurry. Your child can practice feeding him his Caveman Cookies or giving him his bottle. He stands at a proud 12 inches and requires 3 AA batteries that are included.


Along with over 35 lifelike responses to motion and sound, this dinosaur will jump and beg excitedly when it is feeding time. He can interact with awesome dino habitat sounds and make your kids giggle with his silly antics.

Electronic sensors in his head and mouth help him to communicate naturally with your child during feeding time. You will never know what mood he may be in while trying to feed munchin rex. He may munch away on his broccoli or cookies or he may spit them out while making funny sounds.

Along with the batteries that bring him to life, you will get all the Caveman cookies, broccoli stalks and his bottle for exciting meal times. His body is fully positionable so your kids can sit him however they want.

Watch the excitement in their faces when they interact with this moveable, cuddly and fully animated toy. The furReal Munchin’ Rex is suitable for ages 4 and up but will be enjoyed by the whole family.


Capture the imagination of your child with this interactive and funny dinosaur toy. Made with quality and ingenuity geared at educating and entertaining in a funny and exciting way.

Your child won’t be able to wait to give him his bottle or cookies while trying to teach him about good manners. Pick up yours today at Amazon.com and get ready for meal times that are a blast.