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Small kids are often obsessed with animals like cute little dragons that make a wonderful little sound. This dragon is interactive, as it chortles, gurgles, sneezes, purrs, snorts, and meows – all wonderful sounds that can tug any child’s heart. The FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon is cute and adorable. It has a pair of sweet expressive eyes and with fire-breathing features that can mesmerize both kids and the parents alike. 

To start, you need to put in 4C batteries in the case. As you do this, the little dragon makes growling and cooing noises. It can melt your heart just by listening to those wonderful dragon sounds. He responds like a baby when you touch his nose or push his chest button. Otherwise, he sleeps like a good little kid by lying around still. When awake, this dragon can breathe a superfine dragon mist that’s pretty impressive! He gets to do it around 15 times before you need to fill him up again. If not, all you see is a red light and hear some purring sounds! 

The marshmallow trick on a stick is another wondrous feature. The cute little dragon breathes water fire while he moves his head back and forth the strip that gets to toast the marshmallows. The dragon is a hard toy and not necessarily cuddly. But it is sturdy and would last long, with proper use. It has a robotic head that moves from side to side as it makes its cute little dragon sounds!  


The mist is safe as it is only made up of water and lights to give an illusion of a smoky dragon fire. The kids will enjoy feeding the little dragon his favorite food of marshmallows, as they hear him make a happy munching sound as he eats with gusto. The FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon can make more than fifty sounds and movements and is equipped with sensors around his nostrils so the kids can play with him in new fun ways. 

The Torch has a tank that a small kid can fill up with water to make a fiery colored mist. He makes a cute burping sound as you fill the tank. This little dragon makes fun responses when his nose is touched. He can be a joy to watch, and could easily make him your child’s best buddy as he continues to plays with it. 

The package comes with a color-change treat, filter, water-filling crystals and instructions.

It requires 4C alkaline batteries to operate. 


This is one of the most recent pet models that came out of Hasbro’s FurReal Friends product lines of interactive pets. It is a hit with small children who are fascinated with animals and fanciful creatures – like cute little dragons. It is interactive and makes around 50 plus dragon sounds. It is fun to watch and nice to hear, too.

Its most engaging feature is breathing out a flame-colored mist that can fascinate any kid in seeing a dragon getting lit. An added thrill is watching the little dragon toasts its favorite treat of marshmallows when these are brought close to the mist. This novelty is a sure-fire hit that the kids will love. The FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon sells at Amazon for US$ 69.99, inclusive of shipping fees. 

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