Annabelle Costumes

Annabelle Costumes

Something that’s been missing from Halloween a lot in recent years is actual horror. Most Halloween costumes now are based on popular characters that we like, instead of ones that we fear, despite Halloween supposedly being the scary holiday.

But this year, there are more Halloween costumes being made based on horror movie characters. For example, the Conjuring series has become very popular. Based on a true story, it follows the tale of a family cursed by an evil doll.

In real life, this curse was thought to be brought on by a Raggedy Ann Doll. The Conjuring was released first, then Annabelle as a prequel, and in summer 2017, Annabelle: Creation was released.

While Annabelle’s story is based on a Raggedy Ann doll, she appears in the films as an evil porcelain doll in a white dress. She has thin eyebrows and greatly exaggerated makeup and features.

Her hair is long, blonde, and in two braids, each tied off with red ribbon at the end. There are licensed costumes available with a mask, a wig, and a dress to match how she looked in the movie, but you can also make your own costume – which is a white dress with puffy sleeves and a red sash tied around the waist.

As long as you get the wig and the dress, you can do your own makeup to look like the doll in the movie, adding a creepy Uncanny Valley look to your costume. You could also add in some accessories to really bring out the best look.

For example, fake blood is available from just about every costume and Halloween retailer out there. Splatter some fake blood on the white dress, and you’ll look even scarier than before.

You could also pick up a fake dagger or other knife to carry around. Combine the two by putting some fake blood on your dagger for that extra menacing look. It might also be a good idea to carry around a real creepy doll that you find in a thrift store or online.

There are also a few good opportunities for group costumes if you dress up as Annabelle. For example, you could do a group costume where everyone dresses as a different horror movie doll.

One person could be Chucky, another could be Jigsaw from the Saw franchise, and someone could be Annabelle. You could also pair it with a ventriloquist dummy costume.

Annabelle Costumes For Halloween

You could also do a pairing costume where one person dresses up as the girl who plays with Annabelle in the movie, while the other person dresses up as Annabelle – a truly spooky option!

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