Where to Buy the Pokemon Z-Ring Set

If you are a fan of Pokemon, you should consider acquiring the Pokemon Z-Ring set. This gaming accessory is designed to enhance your experience of the world of Pokemon. This product is compatible with the newest video game releases and will interact and synchronize with the ongoing game play.

Where to Buy the Pokemon Z-Ring Set

It can also be utilize during role playing games for a realistic feeling. Basically, the Z-Ring set consists of the ring which lights up and vibrates to complement the battles. The ring is paired with Z-Crystals which produce different colors of light depending on your attack. The burning question for Pokemon gaming enthusiasts is where to buy the Pokemon Z-Ring set. Here are the primary reasons for choosing Amazon for your purchase. 

Efficient Shipping 

When buying your Z-Ring, it is important to consider the vendor who will deliver the product most effectively. Online shopping in most platforms can be delayed and take longer than necessary. Moreover, high transportation costs can be an additional burden.

With Amazon, the Pokemon accessory will be delivered in a timely manner since the market platform is always transporting products around the country daily. In addition, the rates are low and you can get free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member or meet some simple conditions. 

Gifting Benefits:

The Pokemon Z-Ring set is an excellent gift for children on special occasions and even adults who are dedicated to this type of game play. You can minimize your inconvenience in acquiring this present for someone by letting the marketplace handle the gifting features.

Generally, you will only need to specify that you would like the set gift wrapped and sent to the person that you would like to gift. The feature will save you the stress associated with gift wrapping after delivery to your home and delivering the gift. 

Consumer Reviews:

You will get honest consumer reviews on the Z-Ring set through customers who have already used the product. The main advantage of Amazon over other places that you can purchase this item is that the feedback is not filtered.

This means that the platform will not only choose the great reviews to hoodwink you with embellished data. In addition, if you are concerned about the possibility that the individual did not buy the exact same Pokemon accessory, you can check for reviews with verified purchases. 

Pre-order and Wishlist Features: 

The pre-order feature on Amazon is a useful tool if you want to purchase the Z-Ring set and associated gaming accessories like new Z-Crystals for your ring. With this, you will get the pertinent Pokemon gaming products immediately after release.

If you are not yet ready to purchase the product, you can add it to your account’s wishlist. This is essentially a bookmark for potential purchases, so you will not have to start searching for the right Pokemon set for purchase. 

The Pokemon Z-Ring set is perfect for transforming your normal video game play into 4D experiences. You can synchronise the accessory with your Nintendo family systems for a more realistic feel of your virtual battles.  Click here to buy the Pokemon Z-Ring set from Amazon.com


TOMY Pokémon Z-Ring Set
List Price: $29.99
Price: $17.99
You Save: $12.00
Price Disclaimer

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The Review-Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster and Where to Order!

Nerf N-Strike HyperFire is a part of Elite line of blasters that focus on distance, performance, accuracy and speed. This year Nerf has focused on capacity. If you really want to jump in and unload unlimited number of darts, then Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire needs to be in your arsenal.

It’s a drum fed automatic dart gun that gaining fame as being the fastest firing Nerf gun. According to Hasbro, it can unload around five darts per second. Though you won’t be able to count that fast, but it’s surely the fastest unmodified Nerf gun you might have seen. 

The Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster is oddly designed gun that has many sharp angles and edges resembling elite styling, yet has a completely superfluous and large front end. While most Elite blasters available these days possess modern style, the Hyperfire has a more futuristic, sci-fi look. The front end suggests its’ trying to be bulky and big, yet the stock is not particularly long or big. 

The blaster has a very futuristic design with a cool tiger strap pattern on its body. The profiling around the hand guard has the rev trigger and a special mag release button. It’s got a hand hole, a thumbhole, and trigger well.

The blaster is surprisingly large to fit in your hands and feel ergonomic. Its rev switch offers a good response when pressed. The cheek rest on the top of this gun has a nice touch. There’s a tactical rail on the top. The jam door on the top of this gun has a lock door switch.  

The Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster is powered by 4 D batteries, and its weight is distributed at the back of the gun. The foregrip on the front makes it perfect for shouldering its weight. A closer look at Blaster’s gigantic front end-It looks excessively large-and appears completely unnecessary.

For some, it may add unnecessary bulk while handling. While this round part does provide a decent grip, it feels too low for me to be really comfortable. The entire orange section right below the muzzle is completely hollow. The handle is fairly well-designed, and nicely curved and decently roomy.

The handguard is a relatively uncommon feature that you would like. It can become little squishy if your fingers are large. The Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster thumbhole is quite close to battery tray and so the inner side of your hand in pressed against the edge of the battery tray. This can be particularly annoying and little uncomfortable, which is quite a shame because the thumbhole handle and stock look really cool. 

Hyperfire’s jam door is locked in place by a orange piece on top. If the jam door is unlocked, the switch prevents it from operating. Here HyperFire uses a conveyer belt (housed in its jam door), hence strange door design. The Hyperfire blaster has all other safeties and locks you’d expect to see in a flywheeler.  

But how does Nerf N-Strike HyperFire Blaster shoot? With its special flywheel motor, it has rapid fire action. It can easily shoot hose of darts at all unsuspecting targets. It’s actually lot quieter than you’d have expected and its performance can quickly destroy the Hail Fire. You have to be very careful on trigger or else you might churn through 20-25 dart drum magazine in the blink of an eye, leaving you a really wide open target. 

Accuracy of Blaster is perhaps a little better than average. Most of the darts go through the doorway at around 8m range, but beyond that they can spread out a far bit. It can fire up to 90 feet and includes 25-darts, 25-darts drum, and instructions.

It offers you a good bang for your buck. Click here to order The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire BlasterFrom Amazon.com at exciting price. You also get free two day shipping with Amazon Prime!

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
List Price: $49.99
Price: $34.16
You Save: $15.83
Price Disclaimer

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Why Is The Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid A Top Toy For Xmas 2016?

The hottest movie of the year, hands down, was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The brave new characters mixed with the classic Star Wars theme blew the crowds away, raking in a total for $529 million worldwide in the opening weekend alone. While the older generation of Star Wars fans couldn’t get enough of the return of the classic characters like R2-D2 and C-3 PO, new droid BB-8 was a hit among all generations 

So why was BB-8 so popular in the first place? Simple, he was witty, innocent, smart, and just downright cute. Naturally, BB-8 would make the perfect toy, and thus, the perfect Christmas gift for all ages of fans. The droid offers the easy and enjoyable sci-fi technology that people today are so fascinated with. With its incredible specs, the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid toy, available at Amazon.com, brings the excitement of Star Wars into your own home. This holiday season, roll home this year’s favorite children’s Sci-Fi character, and watch your child’s eyes light up. 

The special features of the toy are undeniably entertaining. Here is what BB-8 comes with: 

· Bluetooth speaker 

· Voice response and recognition 

· 1 hour battery life 

· Evolves with interaction  

· App Enabled (IOS and Android capabilities) 

· Inductive Charging 

· Gyroscopic propulsion; 30m range 

· Record and view holographic videos 

Now, as an adult who has personal experience playing with this fascinating new piece of technology, I would have to say the coolest part about it is the gyroscopic propulsion. To see the droid rolling around so gracefully will truly make you believe in the magic of the future. To add to the captivation, the unique machinery created by the makers of the Sphero BB-8 fully equipped it with an evolving nature. It literally has a mind of its own! Not only will it roll around with you on its own, you can also hold its power in the palm of your own hand. By using the smart phone app, compatible with IOS or Android, you can determine where it goes and what it does. The high tech doll can record AND view holographic video. Tell it to start recording something; it will recognize your voice and obey your commands.  

BB-8 is not just a Star Wars character anymore. It is a real life droid. It is a robotic companion that will follow you, roll away from you if it is feeling sassy, give you a holographic message, play your favorite songs, and all for an hour straight. Having an automated ally with impressive features at a great rate of $142.47 is a steel. Just imagine all the priceless fun to be had! Christmas is right around the corner, what else could you possible want to give your child, best friend, or partner other than the very best?  

Buy the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid today at Amazon.com before the prices get any higher with the upcoming holiday seasons. Click this link, you will not be disappointed.  

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid
List Price: $120.60
Price: $120.22
You Save: $0.38
Price Disclaimer

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LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit Features

In Denmark, people love their Christmas. Danish starts celebrating Christmas since December 1st, and they celebrate it every day for the whole December, all the way up to the 24th. If you don’t know, LEGO is a Danish company.

So like what a loving-Christmas Danish company would do, LEGO releases a product that will let you enjoy every single day of December all the way until Christmas. One of those products is the LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit Features. 

This is a special LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar. When you open the box, you will see there are 24 unopened small boxes numbered 1 to 24 attached to a calendar agenda style. The calendar itself is printed with festive cartoon style Star Wars themed picture.

The calendar is a play mat that you can use to play with later. When you open the box which is also the calendar, you need to be very careful since it is also the play mat that you can use to play with all the pieces you get from the set. 

The 24 boxes are sealed and hidden. You suppose to open one box every day to find hidden secret treasures in each box. It is different in every box. There are 282 pieces in total in the whole set. The set features 8 mini-figures, a Battle Droid, multiple vehicles and weapons. Among the 8 mini-figures, there is one exclusive holiday-themed, Star Wars themed piece of mini-figure in the holiday set.

The vehicles in the set include Vehicles include Slave I, a TIE Interceptor, T-16 Skyhopper, Sleigh, Jedi Interceptor, Skiff, Republic Cruiser, AAT, Droid Gunship and an Imperial Landing Craft. The set also features a whoopee set of weapons including Luke Skywalker’s Light saber, blaster pistols, blasters and a snow caster.


Every year, the special Star Wars LEGO calendar is always highly rated and sold out in a quick moment in December. So serious collector would always know to get the set early. If you are interested in getting one, get it early as well. Compared to the other premium special Star Wars theme set, this Christmas calendar is much more affordable and it does have a special exclusive piece. If you are a serious LEGO collector or a Star Wars true fan, you should not miss out on the Star War Calendar each year. 

However, if there is a downside to this set, it would be that among the 282 pieces, there are only 8 mini-figures. The set itself is about $40, which his not too expensive for a LEGO set. Yet, the price is a bit over board for only 282 pieces. If you are a LEGO enthusiast, you know that 280 pieces are not a lot for a set. The price is not only for the LEGO pieces like a normal set but also for the copyright for the Star Wars series. The price spikes up because of that. 

So on one side, the price can be a bit expensive for what you can get from a LEGO set. On the other hand, there is an exclusive mini-figure in the set and you get to enjoy a special way of enjoying Christmas and opening each single box every day. The upside may be worth the money. 

Click here to buy the LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit from Amazon.com

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Where To Buy The FurReal Friends My Blazin Dragon

Hasbro has done it again with another character to be added in their FurReal Friends collection. They have covered dogs, cats, even crocodiles. Now they have come up with The FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon. So, if you are into having a dragon as a pet (not a real one of course!) to cuddle and play with, then this is one toy you will truly enjoy.  

The first thing that becomes visible and notable is the dragons charming cute features. His big baby like eyes and that massive fire breathing element which flames out of his mouth. But, do not worry! It is not real fire.

It is soft mist that looks like fire because of the orange and yellow colors situated in the mouth. All you have to do is press the button on his chest area and the fire torches out from the mouth. Since the mist is of water base, just fill up his tank with the liquid (preferably distilled water) and see how it sparks out! 

What stands as a bewilderment is, the marshmallow that comes with the FurReal Friends My Blazin Dragon can be roasted by the dragon himself! All you have to do is place the treat near his mouth, he breathes fire upon it and it turns to a crispy brown color and ready for the dragon to eat. Place the item in his mouth and hear him nom, nom, nom it! 

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon is able to respond to touches and gives out a combination of over 50+ sounds and motions. You are into an endless treat of nonstop fun, including playing and cuddling the furry mystical friend!  

It is so cute and adorable to see the dragon respond when you touch his nose. You can hear him eat, burp, enjoy and give out other type of happy sounds. His furry coat is so smooth and nice, that holding him feels like holding soft clouds.  

So, having a baby like the FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon to care for will not turn boring. As long as you take care of its needs, feed him, spend time with him, and cuddle him, he will be happy. And he will tell you how happy he is, with the cute sounds that come out from his mouth! 

The FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon can be bought online or at any Hasbro or Toys R’ Us store around you. It needs 4 A alkaline batteries which need to be bought separately and distilled water to produce the mist from its fire breathing mouth. 

After the launch of this toy, there has been many exciting and positive feedbacks from customers. Although this is focused on parents buying for their children aged 4 to 6, some adults have also bought it for themselves! There is nothing more of a joy then to experience having a furry friend that comes from an enchanted magical forest of a faraway land.  

To know more about the product, you can click here to buy the FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon from Amazon.com

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What Do You Get With The Pokémon Z-Ring Set

The Pokémon Z-Ring Set is an accessory that pairs with the massively popular Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon game titles for Nintendo 3DS Family Systems. The rings are essentially electronic bracelets with plug-in crystals that work in tandem with Pokémon Sun and Moon to enhance the gaming experience for the wearer. So, what do you get with the Pokémon Z-Ring Set? 

Pokémon Z-Ring Set

The Z-Ring is a wearable bracelet with sound and vibration in a cool Pokémon design. It is powered by two AAA batteries which guarantee maximum power output for a longer duration of time. Additionally, is completely wireless, which offers both flexibility and convenience to the users. In addition to the active Z-Crystalin the main slot, the Z-Ring can hold an additional six crystals. Also included in the Z-Ring Set are three Z-Crystals and a two-inch Pikachu figure. 

Synchronizes with 3DS game

The Z-Ring synchronizes with Pokémon Sun & Moon games for Nintendo 3DS Family Systems. When you carry out the powerful new Z-Moves, the ring vibrates and lights up, creating a 4D experience with physical sensations. The reaction is not only colorful but also spontaneous, thereby creating the seamless 4D experience. However, you can use it alone in role-play, as the Z-Move button on the Z-Ring makes it light up, vibrate and make noise.  

Light Up Z-Crystals

As you insert the Z-Crystals into the Z-Ring, the type-based attack symbols become visible as they light up. Each Z-Crystal represents a different type of element. For example, when you insert the Electric-element Z-Crystal into the active slot, you’ll feel the Electric Z-Move as it happens in the game. You can collect different Z-Crystals, which unlock additional new sounds, colors and vibrations, and there are additional sets that you can buy with new crystals contained within.


-Turns game play into a 4D experience by adding physical sensations.

-Makes you feel the power when you carry out Z-Moves.

-Three Z-Crystals included with the set.

-Can be used without the 3DS in imaginary role playing too.

-You get a cute Pikachu figure with the set. 


-Doesn’t really have any real function with regards to game play.

-Not rechargeable – requires batteries that will need to be replaced.

-You will need to buy additional Z-Crystal packs. 


Q. Does the Z-Ring Set have any influence on game play?

A. No, it simply reacts to events in the game, namely Z-Moves, to add extra sensations to the gameplay experience.

 Q. Are all the crystals included in the set?

A. No, you will have to buy additional crystal packs to get them all. An extra 9-pack of crystals will set you back around US$20.


Though it doesn’t really have any real function with regards to game play in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon 3DS titles, the Z-Ring adds an enjoyable element to the game for kids and die-hard Pokémon fans (of which there are plenty!).

The sound and vibration is actually quite satisfying when you carry out a successful Z-Move, and makes you feel like a true Pokémon warrior! Also worth noting is the fact that it is not an expensive accessory either, so if you’re interested, why not splash out?

Click here to buy the Pokémon Z-Ring Set from Amazon:

TOMY Pokémon Z-Ring Set
List Price: $29.99
Price: $17.99
You Save: $12.00
Price Disclaimer


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Order The FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin Dragon

Do you remember your childhood when toys were more precious than the real friend? All the time we used to wonder from one place to another with at least two or three big toys in the hand. Your parents must have clicked the picture of that moments and still must be precious for you.

This is what the value of the toys. They increase the sweetness, busyness, and value of the childhood. This is the reason why now we need to keep our children happy by gifting them such precious friends. The best example of it is the FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon. 

Children start getting attractive with toys when they go to the shop. Sometimes they get so fascinated that they spend lots time checking these. Selection of the best toys is always a tough work as children play carelessly. Thus the toys can get damaged soon, but if you do little research work it will be easy for you to find the best toy collection for your children. 

We can see several outstanding options in the market these days. Some stores like Amazon come with a large verity of the toys. Some of them are for both boys and girls and some available for a different gender. If you want to please your child with new toys, check with the new arrivals. Also, check their advantages before investing on them. You can get the proper help with online stores. Also, some users’ reviews play vital part knowing the pore and con. Here are some tips on buying the toys.

These tips can make child shopping easy for you: 

Selection according to the age: toys are available in large quantity. But we cannot buy all of them we need to check if the child would be able to play with it or not. For example, we cannot buy a baby cycle for the newly born kid. It can just play with light waited toy like soft toys. For the child of one to two year FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon is the best.

Toys like the FurReal Friends, My Blazin’ Dragon are advanced. It keeps the player engaged all the time. The attractive body of this toy is easy to carry from one place to another. The light torch inside the mouth also releases mist. Which allow child laugh. This toy has very sweet appearance. It is best to add in the collection of toys for your baby.  

Understand the choice of the children: some time children avoid playing with the toy which you consider best. So before buying any try to understand which kind of toy attracts your child most. No doubt, gender plays a vital role in the choice of the toys. The girl always like girly looking toys like dolls and teddy bears, whereas boys prefer to take vehicles and sporty items.

But some toys like FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon attract every child, its girly look attracts girls with sweet eyes in the dragon, whereas the dragon features help you in keep you knotty baby boy engaged all the time. so don’t wait for much to get the one for your children, Click here to buy the FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon from Amazon.com.

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What Do You Get With The Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster?

If you and your kids are die-hard Nerf fans, prepare for a blast. The prolific toy company will thrill you once again with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hyperfire Blaster, a winning product that will not disappoint. Nerf has clearly set the bar high by developing a toy rifle that surpasses others. This standout toy has features that exceed expectations, and satisfied customers confirm its obvious pros.

What do you get when you buy the Hyperfire?

The answer to this is “a whole lot.” This savvy rifle unleashes an unstoppable five darts per second, drowning opponents in a sea of ammunition. Its dynamic 25-dart drum provides firepower that will leave enemies in awe. It shoots up to 90 feet (27m) and makes every battle an exciting one. Rapid fire starts as soon as you pull the trigger. A set of high-quality Elite darts comes with this assault weapon.  


Why should you consider this intimidating weapon above other toy guns? The product has a set of draws that make it a valuable part of any rifle arsenal. 

1. Unique, futuristic design 

The first selling point of the Hyperfire is its unique, futuristic design. It is like other Elite blasters but has an enlarged front end. This futuristic structure will make anyone feel that he is part of a Star Wars movie.  

2. Thumbhole-designed stock 

Then, there is its Thumbhole-designed stock. It comes with a useful cheek rest piece, which makes it comfortable and functional. Small and light, it gives the gun a neat appearance.  

3. Fast and Accurate 

This incredible toy rifle will make your child a soldier before his time. It fires at incredible speed, and will give him many hours of enjoyment. Its flywheel design allows it stupendous rapid fire action. It comes with active braking to prevent it from unleashing rounds unnecessarily. The accuracy of this gun is above average; it goes through doorways at an 8m range.  

4. Foregrip perfect for shouldering weight 

The handle provides users with a firm grip. Well-curved and spacious, you can curl your fingers around it comfortably. The round foregrip allows you to hold it at a decent angle and is ideal for shouldering weight. With the stock at the tail end, all the weight is at the back of the gun.  

5. Well-positioned mag release 

The mag release, on the inside of the handguard, is a top draw. You can activate it quickly with your middle finger. One of the best advantages of this product is that it is compatible with all mags and drums.  

6. Security 

An orange switch locks the gun’s jam door in place. The gun cannot operate unless you activate it. It has every safety feature you would expect to see in a fly wheeler.  

Points to Consider 

As you should with any product, ponder over a few points before buying the Hyperfire 

1. Single Tactical Rail 

Note that it only has one tactical rail. There is room for more brackets and a barrel accepting muzzle as well. Consider this gun if you do not want to sort through too many attachments. 

2. Jam Door 

The jam door has a conveyor-belt design which may prevent you from opening it all the way. However, you can manage this flaw if you are cautious.  

3. Cycle control 

There is no cycle control on the conveyor belt, so firing the gun at the start may take time. Once activated, however, it shoots rapidly.  

How does the Hyperfire compare with other blasters? 

The Hyperfire has many fantastic features, but how does it do against other guns?  

When compared with the Stryfe and RapidStrike, it is of good size. It is long enough to have a reasonable stock length, and is not too small to be a Blaster. Its range, at 8 to 10m, is comparable with other rifles.  

What makes it a cut above other guns is its astonishing rate of fire. At five rounds per second, it leaves other rifles in the dust.  

Buy this toy gun today, and you will give your child a present that he will not forget. This gun will make him feel that he has come of age.

Click here to buy the Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster from Amazon.com.

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
List Price: $49.99
Price: $34.16
You Save: $15.83
Price Disclaimer

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A Closer Look At The Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

The Sphero Star Wars BB-8 is an amazing droid that provides you with high quality service and always meets your needs. It acts as a companion and the robot moves like the robot which is seen in Star Wars. If you’ve seen Star Wars : The Force Awakens, you will be able to see the close resemblance of this droid and the one seen in the movie. 

The Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid is able to explore your home at ease and you can be able to use your tablet or smartphone to control it. All you have to do is download the app to your preferred gadget and you’re ready to control your own droid.  

If you use the app, you will have many options that will keep both you and your droid occupied at all times. You can send the BB-8 out on patrol, ask it to hide itself in case of danger and even guide it around your home.  

Both the actions and the personality of your BB-8 will tend to evolve when it spends more time with you. It is also worth noting down that the droid is able to take a map of the route which it has followed when patrolling your home and will also note down any danger it encounters, like storm troopers, the leg of a chair and also the bed of your cat. It will also try to avoid these problems when it patrols again. 

When you give it voice commands, the BB-8 will show a range of expressions and emotions and will normally get scared when you tell it to hide. When you wake it up from charge, the droid will show some excitement. When you record some holographic messages using the front camera of your tablet or smartphone, you can play them by pointing the camera at the BB-8 so that your messages can be viewed as a hologram. 

A Closer Look At The Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid


Below are some of the features of the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid.

– You can be able to use a tablet or a smartphone to control it.

– You can be able to both record and view videos as a hologram by using this droid.

– The BB-8 is able to respond to your voice after recognising it.

– It also has an autonomous behaviour because it works as if it has a mind of its own.

– It has an adaptive personality, where the actions and attitude are able to evolve as you interact more with it. 

You are be able to get your own Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid by visiting the Amazon stores , to purchase it at affordable prices. A new BB-8 costs £104.99 and you’re able to save about £25.00 which is approximately 19%. You can also purchase a used droid at only £69.00. 

The dimensions of the BB-8 include the following.

– Its height is approximately 11.4cm.

– The width of the droid is also 7.3cm. 

Both the personality and the movements of the BB-8 are highly advanced making them authentic. You can now be able to guide your own droid and also make many holographic messages using it. 

You can now be able to purchase your very own droid by clicking the link below

This is definitely the droid that you have been looking for to provide you with high quality service at all times.  

Don’t be left out on all the fun, visit the Amazon store to get your very own Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid at affordable prices that don’t interfere with your budget.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid
List Price: $120.60
Price: $120.22
You Save: $0.38
Price Disclaimer

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Get your LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Building Kit before they are all gone

With Christmas just around the corner (and its funny how that corner keeps getting earlier and earlier for retailers), it’s time to talk about presents…and Advent Calendars…and LEGOs…and Star Wars. In other words, it’s time to talk about the 2016 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Building Kit that is showing up in retail stores and will shortly be flying off of those shelves. 

If you have Star Wars fans on your gift list, no matter what age they are, this themed Advent Calendar is one of the most sought after gifts of the season and has been since they were introduced. 

LEGO makes an Advent Calendar? 

Of course they do. Although originally produced with religious gifts; candy and toy-filled Advent Calendars have been around for a long time. Nearly twenty years ago, LEGO saw the opportunity to fill a desire for their toys with a centuries old holiday tradition. For those who don’t know, an Advent Calendar is a calendar counting down the days until Christmas. Each day has a small gift to whet your appetite for the main attraction. 

LEGOs has a long history of making Advent Calendars, the first one came out in 1998, and the company started making the Star Wars version of it in 2011. LEGO Advent Calendars are known for their unique and holiday-themed figures. For example, each of the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendars has had a Star Wars personality dressed as Santa Claus. Darth Maul and Yoda have both done the honors in different years. 

What’s in this set? 

This year is a bit different. Without getting into a list of the figures in the set, there isn’t a Santa Claus dressed one. There is, however, a holiday-themed Chewbacca with white fur wearing a candy-cane colored bandolier and a Snow trooper in a sleigh. He has a beard and that may be the Santa figure. 

The contents of the set include: 

· 8 mini figures and a battle droid 

· Vehicles including Bobba Fett’s Slave 1, a TIE Interceptor, T-16 Skyhopper, a Republic Cruiser, a Droid Gunship, a Jedi Interceptor, and more. One of the vehicles is the aforementioned Snow trooper mounted in a sleigh. 

· Weapons for the mini figures 

· And a foldout play mat 

The manufacturer’s price is $39.99 

Where can you get them? 

The LEGO Advent Calendars are popular gifts for parents, kids and collectors. Since their debut in 2011, the Star Wars calendars have overshadowed the other LEGO Advent Calendars and with the bundle of goodies loaded into this one, this will be another year where if you don’t get one in the stores early, you are probably not going to get one at all. 

Unless, of course, you buy one online. Amazon.com is your most practical and convenient source for one of the hottest Star Wars/LEGOs gifts of the season. Not only is it prime eligible (which means no shipping charges), you don’t have to wander all over town looking for Your LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Building Kit. Anyone with a Star Wars fan or a LEGOs fan on their Christmas list, your gift hunting is over.

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